The Thing About Socks

colorful_socks_in_a_laundry_basketI have this ongoing argument with my wife and many of my friends regarding the cleanliness of socks. 

I do a lot of the laundry in my household.  Not because of any predetermined chore arrangements, just because my work schedule allows me more time at home.

That being said, I have a wife and four children who I do laundry for.

Inevitably, I end up turning a lot of clothes right side out because my children can never seem to grasp that concept.

So one day as I was turning yet another pair of dirty socks right side out, I was struck with what I consider one of my more brilliant thoughts.

How in the hell can socks truly get clean unless you wash them while they are inside out?  Let that sink in for a moment.  Let that to continue to sink in for a few more moments.  Visualize it and embrace the genius that I just unleashed.

Surely I will be receiving an email from Myth Busters shortly after posting this.  I can’t wait for them to feature my theory.

P.S. – I am unwilling to apply my theory to underwear.  I don’t even like touching my own dirty underwear, let alone my wife’s or kids.  That’s just nasty.


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