Thug Question (when in Miami)

blackguyI travel a bit for my job and end up working in the Miami, FL area a few times each month. I usually work around and in the not so nice areas of Miami though.

I don’t get to frolic with the rich and famous or cruise South Beach drooling over the hot Latin women wearing thongs.

But that’s ok with me, I enjoy the “normal” elements of life and not the airbrushed Maserati lifestyle down here.

I’ve worked over here hundreds of times and I have one important question I need help with:  Why do some many ghetto-fabulous black guys walk around holding their dicks?

Now, don’t scream racism.  I’m simply asking a question about something I have observed many, many times. (Please read my other posts before you call me a racist.  I ridicule all races equally).

Just today I watched a guy walking down the street dressed in long jean shorts, a wife beater and his hand gripped on his dick.  I mean shit, I understand the stereotype that black men have huge dicks, but I didn’t realize they were so well endowed that they had to hold them while walking.

I have some theories about why they may hold their dicks so much:

  • Balance– It’s probably difficult to walk in a straight line with a giant dick making you lean to one side.  This is especially important when walking near traffic.  No one wants to get run over by a bus because of “enormous-dick-lean.”
  • Chris Brown Syndrome– Probably too obvious, but doesn’t every black dude want to be Chris Brown?  And he seems to always be holding his dick.
  • The Tiger Myth– It’s been said that black men’s dicks are bigger when soft than white men and they don’t gain as much length when fully erect as white men do.  Maybe they have to hold their dicks to continue the intimidation of the small, flaccid white guy dick.
  • Pride– maybe all black guy’s dicks are enormous and that’s why they hold them.  I was an athlete for years, showered with many black men and I can’t remember ever thinking, “Damn, that black guy has a small dick.”

At any rate, please don’t think I’m one of those guys in the shower who is a “cock-watcher.”  I only look for scientific observation purposes.  I promise I won’t touch.

If anyone can help me with this important question, please let me know.



6 thoughts on “Thug Question (when in Miami)

  1. I’ve seen this phenomenon quite a bit as well, and, while I haven’t looked closely at anyone doing this before, I do notice now that the guy in that picture seems to have his hand in the shape of a phone. It appears to me that black cocks may be so large because they actually contain another diminutive human inside! So when black men hold their dicks in public, its actually them doing a courtesy to their “little” men and letting them have conversations on the phone where they can pretend to be human.

  2. where i live, women walk around cupping their titties


    i have no idea why those guys do that. i don’t get out much

  3. You’re retarded. We’re not holding our dicks. We’re holding up our sagged pants so they don’t fall down.

    The Chris Brown picture above is a completely different crotch grab where we’re showing off to present females.

    When we’re walking, holding down there, we’re not holding down there.

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