People ‘Round Here

religious-fanaticI recently commented on a blog post about god’s will and received a very pointed reply comment from a believer.

You can visit the blog post here if you would like: Not So Polite Dinner Conversation-A Christian commenter comes slinking back, and a question; why believe one and not the others?    

I enjoyed the post whether it was a true story or an invented one.  I like how it was presented and the discussion it created.  I had to stop commenting because I didn’t want to troll.

The comments reminded me about my time in college.  I attended a small, private Baptist college in North West Georgia.

Growing up in Florida, my college life was a huge culture shock for me.  But I wouldn’t trade that experience for anything.  It helped me grow as a person and see life from several different perspectives.

I attended school during the late 1990’s, but it felt more like the 1940’s.  The town was extremely religious and very, very white.

The people in my college town were mostly Southern Baptist and very close-minded.  Although the town had two colleges, a large segment of the population was largely uneducated and very simple-minded.

While out in public, it was not uncommon to hear people throwing around racial epithets like “nigger,” “spic,” “wetback,” etc in normal conversations. It was also not uncommon to watch people in public berate those who may have appeared homosexual.  This was very normal and accepted there.

Creationism was the only way and if you believed in evolution, you might as well have walked around the city naked.  These were “simple-minded” people.   I would often hear conversations begin with a local saying, “Well, people round here……” I think you probably get the point.

They loved being white, they loved eating their biscuits, they loved being obese and they hated anything that was different.  They hid behind their bibles to justify their bigotry.  I witnessed that every day on some level.  It was not pleasant, but it taught me a lot about people.

The comments on the above mentioned blog reminded me somewhat of my college experiences in that city.

Now, do I think all religious people are simple-minded?  Absolutely not.  There are plenty of good, intelligent religious people in this world.  I know plenty.  But there are also plenty of simple-minded religious people.

It always amazes me at how difficult it is for some religious people to handle criticism.  Probably one of the most ironic things about this is that no matter what I say or write, religious people have to forgive me.  HA


9 thoughts on “People ‘Round Here

  1. Maaate, I grew up in conservative Church culture, surrounded by the same thinking (using that term in it’s broadest possible sense). For the sake of some context, I spent years in “ministry” including time as a Pastor, haven’t been near a Church in a while now. I think if I’m prejudiced towards/against anything these days it’s that entire demographic that wants to tell me they’ve cornered the truth. My experience was from a Protestant Christian perspective but I have enough Muslim and Australian Aborigine friends to know that they’ve experienced the same bullshit from their own religious zealots. You would love the looks on these people’s faces when I show them my back (gravatar)…apparently they know that I’m going straight to hell for that one, haa! While my beliefs are very personal to me, I don’t mind sharing them in the right environment, but I firmly believe any professed faith that fails to hold up under intellectual scrutiny is essentially a wish, logic be damned…and that’s just dumb! I think the simple-minded ones outnumber the good, intelligent ones by a fair bit. Write on, I say, write on! Respect REDdog

    • Thanks man, I always appreciate your comments. I especially enjoy listening to people with real life experience, like you. The religion thing bothers me because so many people are afraid just to talk to each other, especially when their beliefs differ. I’m an atheist, but I understand that I could be totally wrong and I’m ok with that. I’m open to reason and debate. It’s really bad here in America. I do feel as if the simple-minded believers have taken over. Thanks for always supporting my blog, I do appreciate it. I love the tat by the way. Just ask for forgiveness, they have to, HA

      • I’m with you mate, simple-minded and close-minded seem to go hand in hand. I’ll be hanging around a bit now I’ve tracked you down again, love yer style. Cheers RED

  2. Great post.
    I have a friend that is atheist. My thing is..I do not believe we should push our beliefs upon one another. I believe we should love. Regardless of a persons race, belief, experiences. Just love.
    May we all find peace, sooner than later.

      • You are most welcomed!
        You bring a lot to the table. I like the pros and cons of the way you write.
        And I appreciate the opinions of all.
        But this post struck a nerve.
        Love how people speak their peaces and “Godliness'” while hiding behind their biblical bigotry. That went so deep into my soul. You really hit home on the forgiveness.
        GOOD FOR YOU!
        I’d almost say preach it…but I think you get the picture. Peace my friend.

    • Thanks for reading and commenting, I do appreciate it. I agree with you. I will never understand why people have no issue with supporting only the parts of the bible that make them feel comfortable. It drives me crazy.

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