Dear Kyle (the troll pit-bull owner)

whitetrashSadly, my posts about pit-bull owners seem to attract the most attention.  After reading my post; Pit Bulls, White Trash & Ghetto Fabulous A-holes, an incredibly angry pit-bull owner named Kyle sent me the following comment:

“The jackass that made this blog needs dog bit. I own a pit and have bred dozens of small breeds for years. Bit atleast a dozen times and it was stupid yuppie people with furr ball house dogs. Your stats may be close to right but you can’t blame it on the breed. Guarantee small furry dogs bite ten times more than pits but it’s never recorded. Wonder why??? Jackass’s like you”

Thank you Kyle for supporting just about everything in my post that relates to DUMB-ASS Pit-Bull owners.  Essentially, your quote is nonsense.  I do want to thank you for letting me know that I “needs dog bit.”

So how long did it take to pass the high school equivalency exam?  It probably sucked that the test proctors wouldn’t let you bring your seeing-eye Pit-Bull into the exam with you.  Discrimination is terrible.  You must fully understand now how Rosa Parks felt.

There isn’t a lot I can respond to regarding your quote, but I would like to clarify one thing; I am in no way responsible for how dog bites are reported or recorded.

I just wanted to make sure you understood that I’m not out here in the world discouraging people to hide all the viscous Dachshund and Pomeranian attacks in order to make Pit-Bulls look bad.

And I would also like to thank you for leaving me the following comment after reading my post; Bacon Jerky = Duck Dynasty Irony:

“Your the biggest idiot I’ve read from. I guess it’s your job to stirr shit but from what I can tell you need knock up side the head hard enough so that you don’t get up”

I envy your grasp on grammar and immense understanding of the English language.  I would love to “read from” more of you. Luckily for me, I have two Pit-Bulls and four Yorkshire Terriers to protect me should any angry Pit-Bull owners feel the need to “knock me up side the head.”

Cheers Kyle, thanks for validating my theory about people like you.

P.S. Do you smoke Newports or Kools?  I’m cool with you breeding dogs, but please don’t breed any little Kyles…….pretty please????



3 thoughts on “Dear Kyle (the troll pit-bull owner)

  1. Actually, there IS another argument to be made against the Pit apologist above — whether or not his anecdote that small dogs in his experience showed more aggression, or bit him more often, is simply irrelevant. When small dogs bite, the injuries aren’t fatal/catastrophic like the injuries that Pit Bulls deal. So aggressive small dogs are a moot point here; a red herring.

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