God Doesn’t Make Sense

goddevilA friend of mine on my personal Facebook account recently posted something about his friend dying from lung cancer.  The man never smoked and never lived with anyone who smoked.

He then wrote, “I don’t buy into the penthouse religion theory.  I personally don’t believe shit like this would happen if there was a higher being.  I am more of a ride the swell in and see what beach I end up on kind of guy.”

Being an atheist, I understand this line of thinking and I can totally relate to him.

Then, a mutual friend of ours who lost his Grandfather (a pastor) to lung cancer who also never smoked, wrote the following: “He didn’t understand why he was afflicted with such a horrible disease, but knew God was in control. We don’t always understand why terrible things happen on this Earth but I know I will understand one day. I feel for you. I believe God uses these painful moments as an opportunity for us to shout to him for help, comfort and understanding. Also an opportunity to lean into him for the first time or an opportunity to come back to him. As a Christian, I believe this life is just a preparation for an eternity. I am sincerely intending this post as encouragement, I’ll be praying for him, his family and his friends.”

This line of thinking or rather “lack” of thinking within religious circles is baffling to me.  How could a god explain why innocent people are stricken with diseases, why innocent children are abused and neglected, why innocent women are brutally raped, why innocent people step on land mines, why innocent people get run over by buses?????

There is only one rationalization for this; your god is a sadistic god.

What lesson was god teaching by killing his friend with cancer?  No lesson at all.  Cancer is shit.  And sadly, millions of wonderful people die from it.

It’s very similar to when an adorable, baby bunny rabbit is sitting near a bush eating some grass and then a hawk swoops down and slices the bunny up for breakfast.  It’s fucking nature, shit happens.

Spare me the “god works in mysterious ways” bullshit and stop telling me to have “faith” in god.  That’s just bullshit rationalization when attempting to explain the uncomfortable situations of life.

When something doesn’t make sense, just default to his mysterious ways.  A child was sodomized by a priest the other day.  “god works in mysterious ways.”

Your sister, your mom was raped the other day while jogging.  “god works in mysterious ways.”

At some point in time, people are going to have to question and think more about the events of life.  People are going to have to stop defaulting to the magician in the sky when they have difficulty handling life.

“If there is a God, he is a malign thug.” Mark Twain


2 thoughts on “God Doesn’t Make Sense

  1. I feel this. Soooooo much. It’s like “all things work to the glory of God.” If I was God (and I think I am, to one little person playing Angry Birds behind me), I’m not letting anyone torture my child and then swooping in to comfort. I’m not telling them they have to die to be happy. If I’m God, I’m not battling Satan for power. I’m kicking his ass and instituting Utopia.

    A character in Louise Erdrich’s The Master Butchers Singing Club said she pictured God as her alcoholic father: passed out drunk while she suffered alone. That resonated with me.

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