Duck Shit Out of Control

DUCK-DYNASTY-FLAGThis duck shit has gotten way out of control.  This was confirmed for me when I scrolled across the “breaking” news headlines on a major news website where Duck Dynasty was second only behind the Russian bombing.

What the hell Duh’Merica?
Then I looked on my personal Facebook page and a friend of mine wrote in regards to the bearded duck redneck, “Although I do not agree with what he said, I believe in his freedom to say it without censure.  It is, after all, what our troops are fighting for.”

I was satisfied with the first part of that quote, but the second part is absolute propaganda bull shit.

I guess people really believe that our troops are still fighting for our freedom.  Freedom from what?  We are already free, have been for quite a while now.

It still amazes me that so many Duh’Mericans still believe that we are freedom fighting in the middle east.

Oh sure, it was massively important that we “freed” the Iraqi people.  I’m sure they thank us every day and with every prayer to Allah.

I’m sure waging an essentially fake war had nothing to do with lucrative government contracts for private American companies run by rich, pale-faced dudes.
I know I feel safer every day that Iraqis can now vote for their president or whatever the hell they call their leader over their.

I do thank the troops that saved America during some of the more real wars of the past that kept us from speaking German.  I thank those soldiers for actually preserving our freedom and our freedom of speech.

But let’s not compare the fake wars we now wage with those of the past.  Our freedom hasn’t been in jeopardy in years.

Sure, some terrorists flew a few planes into our buildings and that was fucking terrible.  It was absolutely terrible.  But in the grand scheme of world wars, a few thousand people dying is relatively minor in comparison to the world-wide atrocities that have happened throughout history.

I know that my opinion may not be popular in that regard, but oh-fucking-well, get over it.  If people will support Duck Dynasty’s opinions, then people have to support mine.

For me, the most intriguing part of the freedom of speech is that it provides everyone with the freedom to be an idiot.  The scary part of that is how difficult it is for some people to understand just exactly who those idiots are.


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