RIP Paul Walker, (duh’merica rises again)

paul-walkerDuh’Merica never ceases to amaze me.  When Paul Walker died, I sadly laughed at all the people who were interviewed on television.

By all accounts, Walker seemed like a good guy.  When I say “by all accounts”, I mean whatever I’ve seen on television.  I mean for all I know Walker had a basement full of Filipino lady-boys playing naked Twister on a daily basis.  Hell, I don’t know.

Anyway.  His death, although not exactly tragic in my opinion, brought out the best in Duh’Merica.  People crying about what a great guy he was.  People crying, talking about what a great actor he was.  People crying about what a tragedy his death was.  People crying for a man they never met.

Let me repeat that last line for you: PEOPLE CRYING FOR A MAN THEY NEVER MET.

You see, this is a major problem with our country. 

  • So many people become wrapped up in the fantasy world of Hollywood that they forget what reality is.
  • So many people desire to be Paul Walker, they forget what reality is.
  • So many people want the Porsche, they forget what reality is.
  • So many people want to be Hollywood, they forget what reality is.

Here’s the reality;

Paul Walker was an actor and not really an especially good one.  The Fast and Furious were fairly terrible movies.  Although fairly terrible, I’m not surprised that there are about 20 of those movies, I’ve lost count by now.

Supply and demand is a simple concept.  Duh’mericans drive the demand which keeps the drool spilling from their lips like a melting Twinkie.

He died in a car accident.  In a car that probably shouldn’t have been driven on a regular street.  I’m sure the Porsche lawsuit has already been drafted.

Duh’Merica, stop crying for someone you never met.  Instead, you should be crying for the life that passed you by while you continue to be blinded by the bright, shiny fishing lure of TMZ.

RIP Paul Walker, even though I didn’t know you.  I did see you on Shark Week and you seemed pretty cool.  I can’t cry for you Paul, but I will continue to cry for Duh’Merica; my country that has strayed so far from reality.



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