Pit Bull Snacks on Boy’s Genitals

dogFirst, I would like to make it clear that I love animals, especially dogs.  I love pit bulls.   I think they are beautiful dogs, but there comes a point when even the most ardent pit bull defenders need to wake up a bit.

So what happens when a 5 year-old boy wants to crawl into bed with his aunt to get some sleep?

Well, you guessed it, the aunt’s pit bull bit off his genitals. (Here’s another fun pit bull attack story.)

I can hear the pit bull defenders now:

“But that kid should have known better.” 

“The pit was just protecting his mommy.”

“Well you know that a recent study showed that Daschunds (hot-dogs) are the most aggressive breed.”

Yep, but here’s the big difference; if you get bit in the dick by a hot-dog, you only lose the tip.  A free circumcision if you will.  When a pit bull bites your dick, you lose the whole dog and possible the bun too.

You see, this is where logic seems to escape the pit bull defender.  They will point to the many hero pit bulls who defend their owners and perform acts of bravery in the line of defending their family.

Sadly, the pit bull breed has been abused and hijacked by white trash and ghetto fabulous assholes. The poor dogs really can’t help it when they are raised by people who shouldn’t be allowed to spawn and have human children, let alone own a dog.

But when some people read this, they will bash me for my opinions and forget that I said how much I actually like pit bulls and how I appreciate their beauty.  I fully understand that there are far more good pit bulls than there are bad ones.

But the sad reality is the fact that their jaws are ridiculously strong.  Stronger than most any other dog breed (I believe).

It really is sad that so many people own pit bulls to satisfy their desperate need to feel good about themselves, to show others they are tough, to be a wanna-be gangster, to make their dicks feel bigger.

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