Miley is a Genius

mileyI’ve been highly critical of Miley Cyrus and her hillbilly father in some of my past posts. In my opinion, my criticisms were well justified and almost beyond argument, but………………..

I do have to say that Miley, or whoever advises her, is a marketing fucking genius.  Only in Duh’Merica can a person with relatively little talent (Miley & Billy Ray), fool the public into buying all of their shit and then buying it all again and again and again.

Miley’s performance on the VMA’s was an absolute donkey punch to the face of all real musicians, yet that’s all Duh’Merica could talk about.

OMG-Mile twerked her bony ass off.  OMG-Miley rubbed Robin Thicke’s junk with a giant foam finger.  OMG- Miley’s tongue.

And guess what?  The new video of a naked Miley dry-humping a wrecking ball dropped shortly after the VMA’s.  Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, MARKETING GENIUS.

Then she was booked on nearly every morning talk show.  That’s not a surprise, I mean after a while Al Roker telling you the temperature gets a bit old.  Everyone wants to watch Matt Lauer drool like a kid-toucher as he asks Miley “pointed” questions about her ass.

Oh Duh’Merica, when will you learn?  When will you stop caring about all of these “cranks”.  (Thanks to Charles P. Pierce, author of Idiot America, for the inspirational word crank.  By the way, his book is a must read.  Absolutely brilliant.)

I guess I’m guilty too because here I am writing about her.

When will Duh’Merica finally understand what should be important in our lives?  I’m afraid it may be too late.  Thanks Duh’Merica for making Mile a star.  Thanks a fucking lot.


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