MTV, Miley and Duh’Merica (the end is near)

Miley-Cyrus-performance-at-MTV-VMA-2013-2223057So the internet blew up the other day because of Miley Cyrus and her performance at the VMA awards and I’m left incredibly confused.

I watched her “performance” and I had difficulty finding anything artistic about it.  She can’t sing and she can’t dance.  Her tongue was hanging out of her mouth like a dog who has been wandering the desert for 10 years without water.

She appeared to me to be a lost soul doing everything she could to “shock” people.  And sadly, it worked.

Twitter nearly exploded as millions of thumbs tweeted and typed “OMG’s” about Miley’s ass shaking.  Each time she touched Robin Thicke’s dick with that foam finger, I wondered what good ole’ Billy Ray would have thought.

I think Billy Ray’s heart is definitely aching and breaking right now.  Could you imagine just losing your wife because she fucked Brett Michaels and then watching your daughter attempt to be a porn star on national television?

Holy shit, I hope Billy Ray is on suicide watch.  I want to kill myself for him after watching his daughter.

He’s probably trying to remember those times when he rocked her to sleep as an infant and when she used to run her 2 year-old fingers through his mullet…….oh, the good ole’ days.  Back when all they had to worry about was running out of Ranch dressing to dip their pizza in.

But what do you expect and why are you surprised Duh’Merica?  We only have ourselves to blame.

In terms of entertainment, our culture has steadily regressed and now we are witnessing our own Roman Colosseum games.  Only the gladiators have been replaced by Miley, Lady Gaga, Boy Bands and the Kardashians. And the lions have been replaced by everyone who supports this shit.

You are all willing to devour the talentless performers and buy their merchandise.  You are all willing to rip their limbs from their bodies and watch their blood drip across the stage with both thumbs in the air you approve.

While letting them thrive, you have killed yourself and any hope that we can progress ahead of this cultural demise.

I don’t believe in the Bible, I don’t believe in God, but I’m beginning to believe the end is near.  I saw the end when Miley bent over and I’m terrified.

Well done Duh’Merica, China wins again.


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