Jesse Jackson is an Idiot

jesseI was born and raised in Florida and I happen to love my state.  Is it a perfect state?  Absolutely not.  We have many of the same issues that most states have.

We have good people, we have bad people, we have dumb rednecks, we have dumb black people, we have idiots of all ethnic backgrounds……………….just like every state.

But when Jesse Jackson, the king of always trying to make himself relevant, called for a boycott of Florida I was a little pissed.  But then I thought about it a little bit and realized that I shouldn’t be pissed.  I would rather not have people who listen to Jesse Jackson visiting my state.

I’m tired of the Trayvon Martin vs. George Zimmerman bull shit.  And that’s what it is, complete bull shit.  We will never know what really happened because no one witnessed it.  We can assume all fucking day long, but we will never know.

So everyone should just shut the fuck up about it.  It sucks that a young kid is dead, but young kids die everyday in Florida and Jesse never cares about them.

You know, just the other day near where I live in Florida, a black man was gunned down by another black man in a park during a youth football practice where hundreds of children were playing football.  The gunman chased down the man who was carrying his 5 year-old son.  His was shot while holding his son and put his son down and fell down and died.  Fortunately his son was unharmed.

Hey Jesse, where are you now?  That was a far more horrific crime than what happened to Trayvon.  Oh, my bad.  A black guy killing another black guy isn’t sexy enough for you to care about.  That’s a real pisser because that happens all the time in Florida and no one ever cares.

Holy Shit Jesse, you are a self centered asshole who only cares about pushing an agenda.  Is there racism in our society?  ABSOLUTELY.  And sadly, there always will be.  Thanks a lot for caring only about certain people who fit your agenda.

How about you care about all the innocent kids who are needlessly killed in America, regardless of their skin color?  All you do is divide an already divided country by preying on the weak-minded people in this country who are too stupid to figure out the truth.

Fuck you Jesse Jackson.  Keep up your boycott and stay the fuck out of my state.  We, the intelligent people, don’t want you here anyway.  Maybe you and Stevie Wonder should have a slumber party.


3 thoughts on “Jesse Jackson is an Idiot

  1. I didn’t hear about the boycott, but yes many people are strongly divided on the Martin shooting, especially the “witnesses” that saw everything (you should see the comments on my blog!) But nonetheless, Black on Black crime is a more prevalent issue and one that Al Sharpton and Jackson have addressed before.

    I dunno if I’d boycott, but man, Casey Anthony and now this? Sure got me thinkin’

    • Crazy shit always seems to happen in Florida, but it’s not as bad as the media always portrays it.
      I’m not too sure that tweedle dee and tweedle dumb actually ever address black on black crime. It’s not sexy enough for them. Honestly, most white people don’t care about that; it’s a sad reality, but it’s reality.

      I find it funny that some of the people liking this post are bible thumpers. I think people assume I’m a white christian when I call Jesse an idiot. I’m white, but I’m an atheist. HA

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