One Shade of Brown (Trayvon and Zimmerman)

(I originally wrote this back in March of 2012.  I feel it applies quite well today in light of what transpired.)

I live in Florida, so I have a front row seat for the ridiculous media coverage of the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case.  Each day I turn the television or radio on, I vomit a little more in my mouth.

At face value and from the very limited information that the media has presented, it does seem that  there is a good possibility that Martin was an innocent kid who was shot unjustly.  But then again, what does the public really know?

I have some questions and answers for all the protestors throughout the country:

Do you have the full story?  NO

Were you there? NO

Young black kids, white kids and Hispanic kids are murdered every day in America, so why don’t you care about them?  BECAUSE YOU ARE PUPPETS

Did anyone think that there may be another side to this story?  NOPE.  Funny, but I thought we were in America and everyone is supposed to be considered innocent until proven guilty?  Thanks Al Sharpton for fucking that ideal up.

I feel terrible for the parents of Trayvon, but I can’t help but wonder who they are going to sue?????  The security company?  The Neighborhood Association?  The City of Sanford?  The State of Florida?  When they file a lawsuit; and they will, I truly hope they donate all proceeds to a charity because money will never bring their son back.

How about we let the justice system run its course and wait until all the evidence is presented before we vilify either person involved.  I know that may be a total fucking pipe-dream, but let’s try to let common sense prevail and not jump on the sensational media chuck wagon riding through your neighborhood.

Hey America, put your big boy/girl panties on because racism is real and it will never fully go away.  If it turns out the Zimmerman is a racist asshole, then hang him.  If it turns out that he was truly defending himself, I hope you all go back into the streets and protest for him.

One day, after continually years of breeding between people of differing ethnicity, we will all just be ONE SHADE OF BROWN, and then maybe racism will be lost.  But then again, stupidity breeds stupidity so we are probably eternally fucked.

(I truly feel bad that a young boy lost his life over what could be a ridiculously stupid act.  But you know what, that’s fucking life, deal with it.  I know that may sound callous, but often times, reality is callous, unfair and brutal.)


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