L’America (the dry shaft parade)

balloons-macy-thanksgiving-day-parade(Inspired by Jim Morrison)

L’America, a country where freedom is celebrated, yet those who still believe in magic hinder the intellectual freedom that will help us understand our smallness.  Millions of people still believe that a supernatural being spoke the words that created our planet and created all life.

L’America, a country where millions of people are malnourished, while the government spends trillions of dollars bombing dark-skinned people in foreign lands.  Killing under the guise of freedom supersedes helping the helpless in our own land.

L’America, a country where Kim Kardashian videotapes herself sucking and fucking a rapper and her entire, worthless family become millionaires.  And millions of young girls with absent parents strive to be just like her.

L’America, a country where the high school quarterback is celebrated more than the genius Physics student.  Then we wonder why our children can’t find China on a map.

L’America, a country where rednecks run free questioning the validity of their opposable thumbs and spit in the face of evolution daily.

L’America, a country where Michael Jackson is excessively celebrated while Bill Hicks is forgotten.

L’America, a country where Lil’ Wayne is considered a genius by millions, while most people under the age of 25 have no idea who Mozart and Beethoven were.

L’America, the Dry-Shaft Parade continues to meander down your streets as you throw beads of nothing at its floats, while the ones with lubrication hide and hope to be kidnapped by something from a distant land.


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