Thanks a Lot God (for the tornado)


First, I feel absolutely horrible for all the people affected by the tornado in Oklahoma.  No one, especially children, should ever have to suffer like that.  I can’t imagine how terrible that must be and feel lucky for my safety.

What I have difficulty with is how social media sites blow up with messages of “pray for the victims,” or “have faith that God will get you through this horrible time.”  That logic absolutely escapes me.

For those who believe in God, don’t you at least have to believe that your God is an evil and unsympathetic God?  How can you rationalize children being buried alive and killed by a tornado?  What did an innocent child do to deserve that fate?

How is that part of “God’s Plan”?

When I’m confused about religion I often turn to Pat Robertson to explain.  I’m guessing that Pat may think there were a lot of gay people in Oklahoma who needed to be purged from the planet (similar to the earthquake in Haiti).  Shame on those gays for pissing off nature again.

Interestingly enough, Pat backed away from his usual delusion-filled comments and gave a much more comforting answer.

“Why do you build houses where tornadoes are apt to happen,” said Pat Robertson.  Well done Pat.  So basically, all those poor people are just idiots who don’t know where to build a house.

Just when I thought I had heard it all, Pat went on to say that praying would have helped and that “Jesus could have stilled the storm.”


I think someone needs to start a new campaign and it’s titled: PUNCH PAT ROBERTSON IN THE MOUTH UNTIL HE CAN NO LONGER SPEAK

He should not be allowed to walk on our planet.  Oh well, maybe if enough people pray hard enough, Pat could be swallowed by a sink hole and we would never have to hear him speak again.  That would be incredibly ironic.  But then again, what types of morons build houses where there could be a sinkhole.

Duh’Merica wake up, it’s almost too late.



2 thoughts on “Thanks a Lot God (for the tornado)

  1. Facepalm. What a moron. Sadly I’ve heard that from other people. Like so no one can live in tornado alley? Do they realize how many states that covers? Oh, and also no one can live on the coast either, cause hurricanes you know. Everyone should just huddle in the midwest, I guess, except I hear there might be the gayz there, so I guess no place is safe!

    And no, I don’t understand thanking God in a disaster either. Why did the disaster happen in the first place? Don’t they call those acts of God for a reason? Baffles my mind. I guess it gives them comfort, though why I have no idea.

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