DUH’America & Contagion

“Mankind is resilient: the atrocities that horrified us a week ago become acceptable tomorrow.” Joseph Heller

I watched the movie Contagion the other night and it truly made me think about how Americans would react to a major unknown flu-type epidemic.

I think the movie accurately portrays the American and global reaction to such an event and I recommend you all watch it.

I feel that most people in America are inherently stupid and I can only imagine how the majority of the mouth breathers and nose pickers would act if such a virus slammed our population.

I mean shit, people here rioted and burned down their own neighborhoods when some dumb-ass cops unjustly beat up a guy.  Now, the cops were wrong, but the reaction from the people was fucking ridiculous.

Could you imagine how people would react if their friends, relatives and neighbors started dropping dead from a flu in astounding numbers? 

No doubt, once a vaccine was distributed to pharmacies, people would act like animals and do anything they had to do to get the vaccine.  People would rob, steal and kill to secure their chance of living.

The rich would probably use their power and influence to secure the vaccine before the public even knew there was one.  That would come as no surprise though; the rich do that for just about every other scenario in life.

While part of me detests the notion of people turning into savages, another part of me champions it.  After all, in a scientific sense, we humans are all just animals in the grand scheme of the universe.

And when animals are faced with the prospect of dying, the instinct of survival should be activated, telling the brain to do whatever is necessary to survive.

It would no doubt be an interesting scenario to watch unfold.

I just hope that the aliens come pick me up soon so I can watch it from a recliner in the stars from far, far above the earth.  I do hope the aliens have HD televisions though, I don’t want the flu mess to be blurry.


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