When Bosses Don’t Think

(This happened a while ago when I worked for two bosses who were the absolute biggest idiots in the history of business.)

So this morning my computer was acting unusually slow.  I rebooted and then my email crashed.  I told my boss about it and he told me I probably had too many “windows” open and that’s why it stopped working.

“Hmmm,” I thought to myself.  Too many windows open.

Now, I’m no IT computer genius, but I always thought that Bill Gates created “windows” so that users could open and use multiple windows at one time.  I thought that was the whole marketing gimmick there, but maybe I’m the crazy one.

Then my boss preceded to ask me several questions in an attempt to somehow find me guilty of sabotaging my own work email.

Wow, because you know I’m always searching for new ways to make the job I hate even harder to do. (sarcasm) 

“Why yes Sherlock boss, I opened that email from my friend with the lady boy porn link attached and then my email stopped working, forgot to mention that.”

I just wanted my fucking email to work.  I didn’t need an FBI interrogation from my boss about how I rebooted my computer.  I didn’t need Columbo, just a damn IT guy to reinstall my Outlook.

I hate it when bosses don’t think.  We should use Macs anyway and wouldn’t have these damn problems.


4 thoughts on “When Bosses Don’t Think

  1. I had an awful boss like that once too. Sucks. I got in trouble so much I started to think I should just sit around watching porn on the work computer. At least then I would have actually been guilty of something.

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