Pit Bulls, White Trash & Ghetto Fabulous A-holes

(I’m reposting this because it was one of my most popular posts)

I have always loved animals, especially dogs.  I grew up with pet boxers and love them to this day.  Currently, I don’t have any pets because of allergies and laziness; I like to be able to leave my home without worrying about taking care of animals.

I grow increasingly tired of listening to people trying to defend why Pit Bulls are gentle and non-dangerous.  Here are my thoughts:

  • Pit Bulls were originally bred as “catch-dogs” to hunt down wild cattle and wild hogs
  • Their jaws are ridiculously strong
  • Ghetto fabulous assholes have used Pit Bulls as fighting dogs to make money for years (insert Michael Vick jokes here)
  • Drug dealers, of all races, use Pit Bulls to protect their stash houses
  • Rednecks use Pit Bulls to hunt hogs and to make themselves feel tougher
  • White Trash use Pit Bulls to protect their trailers and to accompany their exotic snake collections
  • Men with small dicks have Pit Bulls because they can’t afford Corvettes

You know, Pit Bulls are beautiful dogs, but they will always be incredibly dangerous.  Even if one is raised correctly, they can still be deadly.

There is a reason why you don’t hear about Golden Retrievers mutilating humans; they just don’t have the temperament or jaw strength that a Pit Bull has.

Hey White Trash, thanks for having a Pit Bull near your little daughter, well done asshole. Poor kid.

Here’s the huge difference: if a Retriever bites you it will probably draw some blood and you may need a Band-Aid.  If a Pit Bull bites you, depending upon your age and size, you will need stitches and you may die.

So, as long as America has Dumb Rednecks, Ghetto Fabulous Assholes, White Trash and men with small dicks; Pit Bulls will always be dangerous.


90 thoughts on “Pit Bulls, White Trash & Ghetto Fabulous A-holes

  1. I’m a huge dog-lover and I agree. Pitbulls that have been raised in good homes and gentle for years sometimes will suddenly snap and attack. Dogs all have certain characteristics that define their breeds. Poodles are smart, Golden Retrievers are loyal and Jack Russells are hyper. Unfortunately, Pitbulls are aggressive. I can’t imagine how anyone could ever bring a Pit into a home with children. It’s sick. I’m sure there are nice ones, but I wouldn’t want to take that risk.
    You’re right – go to any ghetto or white trash neighborhood and they are EVERYWHERE.

    • Your so fucking stupid! Go look up what breeds of dogs have the most attacks per year! I have 3 pit bulls and a 3 yr old and 3 month old baby! U make me sick! I trust my pit bulls! Can’t trust my blue heeler with my children or other animals at all.. now answer this TRUTHFULLY! HAVE YOU EVER EVEN MET A PIT BULL?! HAVE YOU BEEN ATTACKED? HAVE YOU EVER BEEN BITTEN BY A DOG?! AND WHAT FUCKING BREED WAS IT?!

      • (Hey June, looks like you fucking stupid. I always support free speech, but please don’t resort to name calling on my blog. I approved the comment this time, but won’t again, unless you can exhibit some characteristics of someone who understands how to use opposable thumbs.)

        Dog Attack Deaths and Maimings, U.S. & Canada,
        September 1982 to December 26, 2011

        By compiling U.S. and Canadian press accounts between 1982 and 2011, Merritt Clifton, editor of Animal People, shows the breeds most responsible for serious injury and death.
        The combination of pit bulls, rottweilers, their close mixes and wolf hybrids:

        77% of attacks that induce bodily harm
        73% of attacks to children
        81% of attack to adults
        68% of attacks that result in fatalities
        76% that result in maiming

      • I was scrolling along and found this, thought I would lay it on you. pit bulls take the lead in dog related fatalities by almost 50 percent (for every dog related fatality just about every other one is a pit bull) and have for the past 7 years. as early as 1981 they’ve been a consistent majority among dog related fatalities . as much as 95 percent of those attacks were on children ages 1-10. Wow and we make you sick? Sources have been cited from the CDC, ABC news, and various local news stations and newspapers in almost every state in the country. it could even be said that our increasingly effective animal control methods over the years have allowed us to prevent most attacks were pit bulls have stood out by the fact that they are more difficult to control. I like the personality of a pit bull, and respect the power they possess. but I cannot risk a single human life for the sake of any animal, period. I wouldn’t want that kind of responsibility. do a search for the breed that has the most attacks per year, you will find it’s the pit bull. it’s quite common for owners of these dogs to respond with bewilderment at the actions of their pets. it is the foolishness of individuals to underestimate the power of these animals or to feel as though they can control that power. any animal can lash out suddenly with no warning or provocation, and take it from me I work with a lot of animals, some including german shepherds, chows, huskies, samoans, and pit bulls. in my opinion pit bulls are quite easily aggravated, and particularly unpredictable. I can only feel compassion for your children which you allow near these animals, who are trusting you to protect them. But don’t expect anyone to allow you around their children, period.

      • Like redneck white trash, pit bulls are fucking STUPID!!! One PB tried to pick a fight with my 153 pound Caucasian Ovcharka… Pit bulls make great RAG DOLLS!!!

      • I was just attacked by my neighbor’s pitbull two days ago, it rushed across 10 meters to bite me. I have a ton of experience with dogs, never in my 37 years have I ever been afraid of a dog. I was not aggressive, I did not run or scream, I stood still, said “hey buddy, it’s ok” he stopped for a second then lunged and latched onto my right hand. Unfortunately I’m a fine artist so I can’t afford to live in a decent neighborhood and every m-fer around here has a god-damned pitbull and they clearly are not kept for companionship, nor are they responsibly kept or raised, as can be clearly assessed by a cursory examination. Oh and also by the sheer volume of pitbull attacks in my neighborhood!
        I filed a police report even though I didn’t require medical attention, I wanted to talk to my neighbor before deciding whether or not to press charges. Turns out this dog has attacked four other people,and this guy was smiling at laughing about it. . . I was not smiling.
        I’m going to do everything in my power to have that menace “put down”. Failing that I’ll at least get his dog “put to sleep” 😉

    • Summer, you are just plain out fucking stupid yea I said it you are a stupid bitch. I’m a CRNA, which I bet that you dont even have the least little clue to what that is. However trust me I’m far from white trash. I have four in my home with my kids and that is the only breed of dog I will ever own. It’s stupid people like you who make it hard on other people. And what blows my mind is the assuming that comes along with owing a pit. I’m sorry but my dear you are way closer to white trash because of your assumptions!! Yes a pit has strong jaws and yes thats what everyone talks about but there are plenty of other dogs who bite way more often than a pit you just don’t hear about it because everyone makes the pit the bad guy. If a chihuahua had the same muscle then that dog would be the bad guy. You people are just unbelievable and just plain out stupid. For the love of god please go educate your self if you possible can

      • Your a fucking loser with a tiny ego and you need those cunt dogs to maintain your status you fucking weird bitch !

      • If you’re all so worried about pit bulls, then don’t have one. Simple. Leave it at that. You’ll never be able to outlaw them, because millions of owners are going to start cracking down and joining forces to ensure that our dogs and our families are not ripped apart because you fear there’s a .00001 percent chance that you might be bit by a dog. Good luck with that, ya’ll.

      • If you are so educated, it seemed like you might have the cognitive horsepower to read some related statistics. And beyond that, it seems that your education might also afford you the ability to detect a logical fallacy when you utter one. But I suppose not on either account, right? Here is another example of the logical flaw you yourself used in your post (see if you can figure out why it is flawed logic): I have been playing Russian Roulette for years and I’ve never blown my brains out, therefore Russian Roulette is not dangerous. Did you figure it out yet? What it boils down to is that there are always going to be statistical outliers. But statistical outliers do not equate to the norm and they never will. There are smokers who live to over a hundred years old. That’s great. But is that the statistical norm? Use your brains. That’s what they are in your head for, CRNA. Ask for your money back for that stats class you passed… and shouldn’t have.

      • So what’s your point about pit bulls? And what’s your point about irresponsible assholes who shouldn’t own a pitbull?

  2. Your Soo wrong about the pitbull breed! I watched a dalmation kill my friend as a child! Tore his face off from the back of his scalp! I have owned pit bulls for over 10 years and trust them completely with my 3 yr old and 3 month old. I also have a blue heeler who cannot be left alone with the children and kills cats. I had over 100 stiches and many surgeries to fix what a lab did when I was attacked. Ur SOOO idiotic to think pit bulls are Soo bad. Every breed of dog can be mean its how you raise them dumb ass! U people make me sick!

    • Hey dumbass, I like Pitbulls, always have. Not a day goes by that I don’t read about a Dalmation ripping off some kids face. (sarcasm) Do you live in a trailer? Re-read my post, I never said pit bulls were “Soo bad.” Please go back to your tanning bed, heat up your Ramen Noodles, watch an episode of Cops, feed your Pythons and keep breast feeding your 3 year-old.

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  4. I agree with you that a lot of idiots have pitbulls. But, as a lifetime dog owner, I have had countless pits and one dalmation. All of them – every last one, the pits and the dalmation – were incredibly gentle creatures. It ultimately comes down to how you raise them. I’m not sure about the story associated with the girl in the image above, but I think it was stupid for the parents to have any dog in the house with a child of such a young age. Any dog – even a Chihuahua – could do permanent damage to such a young person.

    In terms of the statistics you mentioned, they’re largely unreliable and cannot be guaranteed to be reflective of the breed for a few reasons:

    1) Those statistics were compiled as a result of a survey of news sources for dog attacks. As the canine research council has reported, pit bull attacks are much more widely publicized in the news for any given incident than other dog attacks.

    2) We simply don’t know how many pits are out there – especially the violent ones. The violent pits likely have owners like drug dealers or criminals who need them to act dangerous, and these owners aren’t likely to register their dogs.

    3) People aren’t as likely to report attacks by dogs other than pits. If a 50 year old man gets attacked by a pit, he’ll report it because there is no potential insult to his masculinity. However, if he’s attacked by a dog that doesn’t have the stereotype that is associated with pits, he won’t report it because he’ll seem like a wuss.

    Overall, I agree with the general sentiment of your article. A lot – perhaps a majority – of the people who own pits are idiots. But this is, in large part, why so many of the dogs are violent: the have idiot owners who don’t know how to raise them properly.

    Perhaps a good solution to this problem is some sort of registration system for dogs. Perhaps all pets should be required to be registered in some sort of central database with the government. More intrusion into people’s lives? Sure. But it could save quite a few lives and a ton of worry. The dogs could even be implanted with some sort of microchip so that police officers can instantly recognize whether they’re registered or not – and if they’re not registered, confiscate them immediately.

    Any other solutions that you can think of? How one would go about implementing this is beyond me, though.

    • Thanks for your comments Rob, I truly appreciate it. You make some very valid points. I think a registration process would be great, but doubt it would ever happen. Personally, I love pit bulls, although I’ve never owned one. They can be great dogs, but unfortunately they can be viscous as that’s how they were originally bred. It’s difficult to change genetics.

      Along with making people register their dogs, I seriously think certain people should have to register to have children. This would be impossible to implement, but wow it could save the world from so many problems.

    • Hey Rob, all I hear is blah blah blah,you cannot dispute the stats!Any dog can and usually will bite when cornered or scared and little kids are just at the correct height to for them to be percieved as a threat.Most dogs even big breeds like labs shepherds,etc will just bite once or just nip at someone.With pitbulls it’s an attack.Do a little research open your eyes!And yes i’ve seen people AND dogs attacked by them more than a few times,theres just no getting by that instinct,that is what makes them pitbulls!!!

  5. I can’t believe how ignorant people can be. STILL in this day and age, it is 2012 and people are still judging dogs by the breed? Here’s a piece of advice(common knowledge, really) if you cannot and/or are too lazy to take care of a dog and train the dog, DON’T BE A DOG OWNER. No matter WHAT the breed, ALL dogs can brought up poorly by bad/lazy/uneducated/mentally I’ll owners. I have two pitbulls (both rescued) and they would never harm a fly. Ironically I was attacked and bitten by a chow-lab mix. Haha, there’s a twist for ya. Pits aren’t any more or less aggressive than any other breed. And if you disagree, then you probably are also racist, sexist, etc. Stop the discrimination!

    • You are a complete, fucking moron. I’m just a dog-racist and I only dislike black pit-bulls, didn’t I mention that? You are the exact reason why I support mandatory sterilization. Please don’t breed.

      • I own a pitbull blue nose i adopted him wen he was 6 months old from rochester.I have 2 kids 7and 1 Hes names Sam.I found him on creigs list hes owners droped him off some were he was living off food from the trash.I never had a dog before,We just got a nice place in north syracuse with the hole front side and back fenced so i thought to give it a shot to see if i could adopt him.Well my app, went threw they brought him down to me.They fixed him first.I let him in the yard first then brought the kids out ,its the best dog …………….i love him my kids love him he loves the mail man he plays with my dog every time he brings it.my 1 year old jumps on him pulls him whatever he never would harm her or no one th people next door from us have lil puppy its so mean you cant even walk bye if its out side it will bite your ancles pit bulls are good people dogs that love you and if some one hurts you or your family they will be the first ones to step in the way and take whatever for you ………………….Its how you raise them ………………………..

      • The jackass that made this blog needs dog bit. I own a pit and have bred dozens of small breeds for years. Bit atleast a dozen times and it was stupid yuppie people with furr ball house dogs. Your stats may be close to right but you can’t blame it on the breed. Guarantee small furry dogs bite ten times more than pits but it’s never recorded. Wonder why??? Jackass’s like you

    • I can’t believe S here thinks it wrong to judge dogs by breed. Hey S, do you know why humans created different breeds via artificial selection? It was so that you could stereotype puppies. If you want a dog to kill vermin, get one of the small terriers. If you want a dog to point at birds….wait for it…you get a pointer! One of the biggest reasons dogs are abandoned is because people do not research the breed characteristics prior to adopting. And characteristics include behavioral ones, all of that can be genetic and is the base level before any nurturing or training takes place.

      I’ll correct sandy tongue on one thing, the history of the breed. If you look, the pit bull comes from the bull and terrier (created by crossing a bulldog with a terrier). They are used as catch dogs, but most of their selective breeding was first for bull baiting, somewhat for rat baiting, but most recently and intensely for fighting other dogs in a pit. This is even worse as a liability than being a catch dog. That is because the perfect pit bull to the people who developed the breed had: 1. dog directed aggression, 2. bite-hold-shake attack style, 3. dead gameness (will fight to the death for no reason), 4. decreased pain sensitivity, and 5. willingness to continue an attack on a submitting animal (that also happens to supposedly be one of its primary social partners, other dogs). These traits are why pit bulls often attack and kill other dogs and when a human tries to stop it, they re-direct onto the human and often will not stop the attack until they are killed.

      Pit bull nuts will disagree with all this, and make themselves look even more ridiculous. There is a reason why all pit bull orgs advocate that owners own a break stick, and suggest to never use one on any dog other than a pit.

    • Dog breeds differ more than different races of people. Excuse me for fearing a pit bull more than a Lhasa Apso. I don’t care if pit bulls are no more or less aggressive. A guy on a skateboard may be no more or less aggressive than a guy in a Sherman tank, but I’m more scared of the guy in the tank. It’s a matter of potential destructive power.

    • Just like the AKC does. Why does the pit propaganda machine shout “racism” and speak nonsensically of “condemning a breed for the actions of a few” when that’s not the issue at all? At issue here is our ability to recognize that specific breeds were created with specific purposes. We deny reality at our peril – a quick look at the statistics for serious and fatal injuries from dog attacks over the past 30 years makes it clear that breed, more than anything else, is the most relevant factor, not the owner and not the upbringing.

      Bottom line: It’s absurd to pretend that breed specific characteristics which were deliberately created by humans don’t exist. And to call those who recognize these breed specific characteristics “racist” reveals a profound ignorance on the part of the accuser.

      A final thought: When someone speaks of the unfairness of “killing off a breed” what they are actually talking about is eliminating a specific set of characteristics which have proven to be a problem. The fact that sadistic humans created a “breed” to torture animals is no mandate to continue the existence of said breed. Nobody has suggested killing off the domestic dog – only those man-made expressions of temperament and behaviors which have proven to be harmful and cruel.

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  7. My pit died at the age of 12 a few years ago and now I have one that turned 3 last month. It’s an adorable breed that when raised properly can turn into the perfect. I have an 8-year-old daughter and a 3-year-old boy and they get along with our pitbull better than with our poodle. He’s free in our back yard with our cats and they all get along very well. Any type of dog, raised in the right environment will give u no trouble. It is very important if u choose to bring a strong breed to a family with young children that u get one that’s not older than 2 months.

      • I will have to say that getting anywhere near a Pit bull scares the living daylights out of me. I have been attacked by a pit bull twice, years apart.
        And in both cases the dog already knew me as a friend of the family. The dogs had both been used to my coming in the house and yard on a regular basis. And in both cases the dog owner told me on many occasions that the dog was sweet and safe to be around. Don’t you believe it. As it happens I was lucky in both cases. The first time I was sitting in a friends home in the kitchen drinking coffee. The dog was chained in the garage outside where he had an open door to the yard outside and lots of room to roam. The day this incident occurred, the dog managed to bust through the door and grab me by the arm. I immediately tried to get away. The dog ripped my arm open on the top and the bottom of my forearm. The only thing that saved me was he was still chained to the garage, With my arm ripped open I manage to pull away from the dog. I hate to think of what would have happened had it not been on the chain. The dog managed to bit a fellow in the neighborhood too. Neither time was anything done by local officials. The owners didn’t pay for any of my medical either. Two years later a hurricane come through (Rita in 2005). The owner’s when they evacuated didn’t take the dog, (well dogs, as they had three). They just set them loose in the neighborhood. The police went door to door after the hurricane to see if anyone needed help. The dog that had attacked me, attacked one of the police officers. The police officer required more than 600 stitches, But, he did survive. The only reason the dog didn’t kill him is that another officer that was with him was able to stop the dog’s attack by shooting the dog. He saved that officer’s life. The owner’s were mad that the police officer killed their dog. Never cared about what happened to the police officer. Unbelievable, but true!!!

      • Those people that shouldn’t be allowed to have a dog, also probably should never have children. So, what are you going to do about it? Go after the stupid parents then, that neglect and abuse their children if you’re soooo worried about the safety of children you will never meet, because parents do way more damage than any dog can and they do it far more often.

  8. This tears my heart out reading your illiterate nonsense beliefs. Anything you read online will never compare to actual hands on owning of this breed of dog, u admitted yourself that you love these dogs but never owned one? Let me just start by tellin you that you don’t know what love is and loyalty is until you have personally owned one. I wish you would stop going by what you “think” you know because you dOnt and never will! And you are wrong also sayin that these dogs were bred for hunting because no they weren’t the actual pit bulls were originally bred in England to be nanny dogs tO children because they are so patient. It wasn’t until they were brought here to America and mixed with other bully breeds to hunt. Don’t just google things and think that will give you source to discriminate against these wonderful animals. So once again before you go prancing around thinking your educated about what a pitbull is, responsibly own one and train it properly and love it and see what it does for you in return. Google is just as stupid and ignorant as you are, grow up and find something else to spend your time on! Maybe go back to school and get a real education… With love from me and my pitbulls!!! ❤

  9. This is dumb. Kids are stupid and arrogant. Dogs have feelings just like we humans do. If you don’t feel like being touched do you let people touch you? If your having a bad day are you in the best mood? Probably not. To any irresponsable owner who can’t judge a pitbull shouldn’t own one. I have a male blue nose and a female red nose, and are extremely friendly and will play with just about everyone if you approach them calmly and not all crazy and scare them, of course there going to attack! You should be able to tell who your dog is comfortable with and not comfortable with. Yes I agree about white pieces of sh*t and drug dealers owning dogs. But for us, responsable owners, shouldn’t have to worry about our dogs being discriminated by punks who are scared of them. And if you want to do a little research you’ll find that wiener dogs and chiwawas are the most top aggressive dogs.

  10. Wow thesandytongue. I just wanted to say that your responses are cracking me up! And ya, it is a shame that these pit bull owners, who you so eloquently described, have tainted an otherwise cool dog.

  11. I agree and Disagree at the same time. Yes pitbulls were originally bred for fighting and hunting. They are a Terrior and because of that they will always have the chance for aggression its in their blood. As long as the dog is spayed/neutered early as possible raised and properly socialized they should pose no threat to people, as pitbulls are very people friendly dogs for the most part. But they are almost always dog aggressive. But so can any other breed of dog be a danger to people and animals alike. But because Pitbulls were bred for fighting it is indeed in their blood to ‘fight’ no matter how well you raise them there is always going to be that chance, but that can go for any breed but pitbulls more than others. Also the reason there are so many more bites/attacks from pitbulls is because there are far more pitbulls around than any other breed, so if you have a city that has 120 pits and only 12 other breeds of course your going to read more about pitbull bites than the others. There are so many more pitbulls due to idiots over breeding thinking they are helping the breed when they are certainly not. I think if you are not breeding for breed standards then your dog should be fixed. I myself have 2 pitbulls, and I love them very much I do not fear them as a breed or individuals with myself or my son, but I would never allow either dog to be off leash and whenever ANYONE comes over they are put into kennels before they can come in the house. This is not because my pits are aggressive this is just because if I do not put my dogs into a situation where they can bite someone then it can never happen. Both my dogs Blade and Kadar are rescues and I spent a lot of time with them before allowing them around my son.

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  13. It’s ironic to me that the original poster references other peoples’ ignorance and stupidity. What’s more ignorant than touting an assumption as fact without complete data to support your opinion? I have had pit bulls my entire life. I have had 6 now and have raised my children around them, attack free. I am not a redneck, nor am I “ghetto fabulous”. There are many others out there like me here in California, the first and only state so far so successfully block the ignorance called breed specific legislation. You and the other sheeple who responded positively to this post should really do your homework on the issue. I know it’s easy for those weak in intellect and character to swallow all the garbage mass media shoves down your throat, but resist the urge folks. Go to the library. Surf the web. Be open to information that’s contrary to what you’ve “heard”. For example, for countless stories of pit bull heroes, simply go here: http://bslnews.org/pit-bull-heroes-hall-of-fame/ To the O.P., you only make yourself look extremely ignorant by writing stuff like this. Anyone with any brains at all is going to see it for how transparent it is. You’re just someone with too much free time and too many opinions who loves to hear themselves talk. If you want to be credible in an online forum, try posting data instead of rhetoric and uncomfortable pictures. The only people who will buy into this type of garbage are weak minded people. But then….that’s probably exactly the audience you deserve.

    • You kind of missed my point. I wasn’t writing about responsible pit bull owners. Let me know the next time a Golden Retriever mauls a baby, in a trailer or in the hood while someone with three teeth and a pager explains how sweet the dog was. I’ve worked in ghettos throughout Florida for the past 20 years, I’ve seen this irresponsibility first hand.

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  16. I am 20 years old, and my husband military. I never would have thought I would EVER own a pit. Thing is, it just happened! My fiends found a bucket while out hunting with a litter of puppies (3 weeks old and in horrible shape). They were giving them away at Walmart and decided that I was going to give at least one puppy a good home! Now he is a little destructive with shoes and the cat toys, but so is every puppy! I’ve grown up around big dogs with one incident. A Dalmatian bit my face when I was 5 years old and had to have 2 surgeries. However, any pits I was around no incidents! I love my boy and feel safe with him around when my husband is deployed. There is no need for the stereotypes you put up there because I’m not trailer trash, or white trash. If you are trying to make a point about this breed you need to have valid points in an educated way. You can’t judge people on what dog you have. I could easily say for instance you have have a toy dog therefore you have a small dick, or your gay! There are tons of other breeds that cause major harm. Not just pits.

    • Sadly, responsible dog owners like you have missed my point. You aren’t the ones I’m ridiculing. I love pit bulls, but I don’t love the many white and ghetto trash who have them for the wrong reasons. And sadly, there are many. I’ve never really thought about how dog ownership and penis size relates. I’m guessing that theory may be similar to a man who drives a sportscast or a huge lifted truck.

      • Well I can say that theory isn’t true, but still the things you’ve said are pretty harsh and just getting a rise out of people (don’t know if that was your point). You could’ve gotten it across a lot better!

      • I’m never trying to get a rise out of anyone. I am actually giving my 100% honest opinion on many aspects of life. I’ve always been fascinated with the many people who fail to see the reality of how dangerous pit bulls can be. You would have to admit that there are many people who shouldn’t be allowed to breed children, let alone own a pit bull. Those are the people I speak of.

  17. No, I don’t have a blog just trying to do more research on pits to train him the right way. And that is agreeable. People just have different ways of expressing their opinion, but I get what your saying.

  18. I understand your points and concern but here is my opinion followed with some fact. You answered as to why there are so many horror stories with pits in your blog, a LOT of people that own them are trash. Why? because pits are cheap and most of the time free. So broke ass people get them and put them on a 3 foot chain. I have owned many dogs of all breeds. i love pits but Im not exclusive to them. There is even some evidence that they are the most popular breed in america but there is no way to prove that. How? Because most pits are non-registered. As far as registered dogs go the most popular is labs. But because of this lack of paperwork its impossible to say just how many pits are out there. I personally believe that there are more pits than any other breed because no matter where you go in the country there are hundreds of ads from back yard breeders selling pits. ASPCA also released a statement saying that pits are the most abused breed. So the most abused breed that has the most numbers is also responsible for the most attacks! There is something to say about that. Kind of like the majority of kids who had horrible and abusive parents are responsible for the majority of crime on the streets. When i veiw news article about pit attacks I always see that most of the time it is a pit mix. If its half pit half lab its called a pit. Ive even seen multiple attacks blamed on pits that the dog was clearly a boxer mix. Real pits dont get over 60lbs usually. But like I said I understand your worries but I think there is more to the story. For years pits were labeled as nanny dogs because they were so good with children. Remember the Little rascals dog Petey? Full pit! In the 70’s the media focused on german shepherd, 80’s it was rottweilers and boxers, 90’s was Doberman’s. Like I said Ive had numerous breeds of dogs. only two breeds did I not trust around children Labs (because for the first 3 years they are so hyper) and basset hounds. My point is if boxers (or any other larger breed) were easily available for $50.00 or less on every corner they would have the same stereotype attached to them. Anyways I appreciate you reading my response I currently have a pit and I am almost positive it has nothing to do with my penis size. he is treated well and lives on 20 acres and is on a raw diet. He is great. i think over all though my favorite breed ever is a German Shepherd because they need very little training. Anyways thank you for your log and if you wish to discuss further just hit me up with a reply or e-mail.

    • thanks for such a detailed response, I do appreciate it. I appreciate you not berating my opinion and understanding what my post was about. It’s an amazing hot issue with people and I’m still surprised that I get so many comments on it. I truly love pit bulls, they are beautiful animals. It actually saddens me how the breed has been corrupted over the years by people who are trash. I think a lot of it comes back to ego. So many pit or pit mix owners are trying to tough and want to be perceived as tough. Most of those people have no business owning a dog and have no understanding of how to raise one. It’s sad. I work around ghettos throughout Florida quite a bit and I’m always amazed at the sheer number of pits I see. It makes me sick. One day maybe people will wake up about this issue, but I doubt it. It appears to me that you understand that I’m not including all pit owners in this post, only the irresponsible ones. So many people jump to conclusions when they read my post. Some people just don’t get it.

    • what’s your problem with bassets? i had 2, one was put down due to a very aggressive breast cancer, and her sister, well she sleeps more than the cat, and won’t even snap at my baby girls when they pull on her hair. i mean i don’t let the toddlers abuse the dogs, but it takes some time to teach a toddler to treat things gently.

  19. Pit Bulls are a loving breed, but there not for everyone. You have to know how to handel them, train them. Any dog can attack another dog, and any dog can bite someone. It’s not the pit bulls fault at all, it’s the disgraceful humans they fell in the hands of.

    • Are YOU a responsible pit owner?
      1) Do you have at least TWO breaksticks? One to use and one in case the other breaks? If not you FAIL at being a responsible pit owner.
      2) Is your breakstick on you right now? If not then where is it? GO LOOK. If it’s not where you said it was you FAIL at being a responsible owner. You can’t find your breakstick when your dog is latched on to someone’s screaming beagle or your neighbor’s kids’ face.
      3) How often do you practice using the breakstick to detach your gripping dog from its toys so you can do it when it’s an emergency? This is subject to opinion but I think at least once every two weeks is a minimum. If you don’t do this regularly you FAIL at being a responsible pit owner.
      4) Is your fence six feet high? You FAIL at being a responsible pit owner. Pit bulls can easily leap a six foot fence as seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lcWtVaVFjSE and here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jMnVHbLAhb8 . I’d go for at least eight feet.
      5) If your fence is chain link is it topped with a roll bar or 45 degree inward facing extensions and over six feet? If not you FAIL at being a responsible pit owner. A pit bull can climb chain link at least 12 feet high as seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jtNrpxppuJA .
      6) Do you EVER walk your dog or have it out, even between the car and house, without a leash on? You FAIL at being a responsible pit owner. It only takes one small lapse to cause a catastrophic or fatal mauling. Scroll down for the ZERO MARGIN OF ERROR RULE OF PIT BULL OWNERSHIP: http://blog.dogsbite.org/2013/07/beyond-the-interview-essay-of-a-fatal-pit-bull-mauling.html

      7) Do you take your pit bull to the dog park? You FAIL at being a responsible pit owner. Even pit advocacy says not to do this: http://blog.dogsbite.org/2008/06/some-educators-are-frank-about-pit-bull.html
      8) Do you post stupid pictures of your kids climbing and laying on your pit bull? You FAIL at being a responsible pit owner. Even pit advocates say not to do this.
      9) Do you have at least $500,000 in liability insurance; the average settlement in a pit bull mauling? If not you FAIL at being a responsible pit owner since you are unable to pay for the victims of your dog.

  20. Look, I’m a pitbull owner and you can’t blame the pitbull it was just doing it’s instincts. Who cares about some stupid white child? The pitbull is more important.

  21. You know I’m sick of people like this a dog is a dog no matter how big or small they all have an aggressive side and a gentle loving side, but for some reason the pitbull gets singled out the most. I have owned several pitbull and currently own a American Staffordshire terrier which are basically the same dog my pit never tried to bite anyone or even wanted to bite anyone it’s not that pitbull are aggressive dogs yes the picture above is terrible and was probably the result of carelessness. Pitbulls are easily irritated not aggressive. Have you ever seen how a small child act to animals the squeeze and pull on them and hit them a pitbull will defend itself. That being said the pitbull was given the nickname nanny dog because of its ability to be so good with children. It is also the first and most decorated war dog receiving the Congressional medal of honor for saving his entire platoon. They are extremely loyal animals that want nothing more than to please. Also I am a redneck but my dogs are not hunting utensils they are family you may wanna do a little more research on the breed before start running your mouth. GET YOUR FACT STRAIGHT!!!!!

    • if you are a responsible pit bull owner, then nothing I write about applies to you. Thanks for missing the point. When it comes to fatal dog attacks, the statistics don’t lie.

  22. You are definetly a idiot! Obviously a pit bull bite is different from a pintcher bite…. Look at all the numbers of dog treated as they reallt must to be treated….So we’re not talking abot people who makes the dogs as a kill machine but people who takes care of the dog with love, being a athlete or not…there is NO fucking cases idiots…..pit bulls or any other breed will be dangerous if you make it dangerous!! Don’t fuck around spiting shit fucking lying hypocrites!!

  23. Just to fill in some of the history of the breed as I keep seeing posts from people saying they were Catch dogs, Bull Baiters, Rat baiters etc. etc. they keep forgetting that the Romans used them as battle dogs and Arena dogs. In the coliseum they were turned loose on run away slaves as to make an example of them, as well as on Christians. (It wasn’t only lions) and to catch slaves.
    Many on here are correct though it is the owners that I don’t trust not the breed. Remember Pete from the Little Rascals? The dog on the logo for buster brown shoes was a Staffordshire Terrier.

  24. I visited an Animal Rescue Shelter recently. About 70% of the dogs in there were pit bulls, a tribute to the kind of fuckwits that get one. Many insurance companies will cancel your homeowners insurance if they find out you have a pit bull. They don’t care about “media coverage,” they only look at the statistics.

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  26. okay, you respect my right to empty my clip into that slavering engine of destructions head, I’ll respect your right to own it. Don’t get mad when your bred-for-killing beast gets mad and charges me for having the audacity to walk in what it perceives to be its area and I splatter its pea brain all over the sidewalk. I should take the breed into account when an engine of destruction is hurtling towards me? Fuck all that noise, you should’ve trained that fucking thing better.

  27. Kill yourself, and this page. You are the most ignorant, uneducated motherfucker I have ever botherd to waste 5 minutes of my life on. Don’t resort to name calling on your blog? The level of hypocracy in that statement ammuses me, mostly for the fact you catagorized pitbull owners as dumb white trash rednecks and thugs. Why am I even writing this? You’re just going to call me an ignorant hick and go back to playing world of warcraft in your mothers basement with every other self-entitled virgin liberal like yourself.

    • Man Luke, take a Xanax brother and don’t be scared of spell check. You don’t get it at all, but that’s ok. I’ve never played world of warcraft and the house I own doesn’t have a basement. This post is about the irresponsible pit bull owners that fit into the categories I described. Sadly, the categories are very real. That is a truth that cannot be denied. Don’t get your wife-beater in a bunch. Thanks for wasting your 5 minutes on my blog, I appreciate it.

      • I agree with you DUH’Merica, wholeheartedly. I’m an animal breeder, and I know what happens to the animals we breed, they become what we specifically breed them to become.

        If I were to take the stance of some of these pitbull lovers, I could also say, hmmm, “Hey, I’m entering my Shetland pony in the Kentucky Derby and I know he’ll win! “. He’s an equine, he has 4 hooves and a mane and tail, he’s as good at racing as any other horse. Obviously I would be mistaken. And fortunately I’m not that stupid. People who think their loving embrace will change an animals breeding, are both mistaken and stupid.

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  29. Thank you!!! You have said what so many of us think! I have had a pitt mix and can speak from my personal experience. We had a pittbull bull mastiff mix growing up. She was a great dog until she ripped out our corgis neck. My neighbor had a great pitt bull until it came into my yard and mauled my Jack-Cha. Please keep up the great blogs ! Even though you will be inundated with death threats and profanity filled messages.
    Good luck!!

  30. wow, very long running thread. why do people think they need a 100 lb dog with huge jaws? doen’t this tell you something. they also have chain link fences and jacked up pickups with big tires. -not too bright these folks. why not get a a nice miniature poodle….as smart as any pit and lives longer, eats less and shits smaller. I have a great little rat terrier who walks at my side, no leash (to the great displeasure of the mean dog owners). also have no fence on my property and he stays at home unless we go out together. BTW, a local chow at my FL residence has bitten him twice when it got loose. The surly owner says it’s MY fault ????????

  31. This article could not become more accurate. The photo nails the illustration perfect. It is always, ghetto ass blacks, or white trailer trash, that owns this vermin.
    The most classic pit bull owner, is the combination white trash, in the trailer park whom dresses in black thug style. They can be found on face book, with multiple arm tattoos,
    (another sign of being a failure) and letting their young children (possibly degenerate)
    romp with these vermin in an effort to convince the world to
    “Blame the Deed Not the Breed”
    All pit bulls should be put down, unless used for hog hunting, That is the only application they serve in society.

  32. Love it. I’m so tired of being blamed for “prejudice” against dog breeds. Like most non-idiots, I can tell at a glance which dogs could do serious harm to a human being. Generally, they are the ones with a face like a lunch box and that weigh as much as a teenager. So you have to be either reckless, naïve or vicious to own one of these toddler-munchers. There’s a reason my paranoid former neighbor, now in prison for murder, had two pit bulls. Because he was not only White Trash, but a particular kind of anti-social, hair-trigger White Trash that seeks a dog to match his personality.

  33. You’re 100 percent right. Pit bulls are wild beasts and should have no place in a human population. It should be illegal to own one. People that own pit bulls are usually white trash or ghetto type people who think that owning one makes them tough. They are losers.

    • I don’t think that at all; pit bulls being wild beasts. They can be great pets, with the right people. Unfortunately, as you say in your comment, too many people just want to be tough.

  34. “Hey White Trash, thanks for having a Pit Bull near your little daughter, well done asshole. Poor kid.”

    Hey Black Trash, thanks for training these dogs to kill while profiting from it so you don’t have to get a real job. Well done assholes.

  35. First allow me to say I am a avid dog lover. Pit bulls on the other habd are very dangerous and mostly placed with people in such poverished areas they can barely afford to feed them. These dogs are very affordable and most owners are from ghetto, where the dogs are considered a symbol of statice, instead of a good education. Most people who have these dogs are extremely selfish individuals. They know these animals have the ability to kill at any moment without notice. Why would you risk the safety of your children, neighbors and community for a animal. They need to pass a law to ban these things out of this country. Something that has the capability to put our children and pets in an early grave should have no place in society. Those of you who have these beast in their homes around their families will be the first ones on the news crying wondering why their kid was mauled to death by a dog who never showed temperament. I don’t know about you guys, but my children’s safety is my number one priority. There’s no pet in the world worth risking turmoil on the people I love and care about over a ticking time bomb that can explode at any moment. Such uneducated trusting fool’s you are.

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