Hooters (Boo Boo Kitty Fuck)

So I was in Miami for work a while ago and went to Hooters for dinner, it was across the street from my hotel.  I go for the wings, seriously.  I sat at the outside bar area because the weather was nice.

The bartender, in her tight orange shorts, asked me what I wanted to drink.  I said, “boo boo kitty fuck, how about a Heineken draft.” 

She looked at me quizzically with her perky boobs and said, “Excuse me honey, boo boo what?” 

I replied, “Boo boo kitty fuck, you passed your GED, now pass me that beer.”

She then flipped her hair for the third time in 5 seconds and said, “I don’t appreciate your language, you are rude.”

I replied, “I don’t appreciate you telling everyone you are only working at Hooters to pay for law school.  Boo boo kitty fuck, how about 10 wings with that beer, hot, with extra blue cheese.” 

She winked and brought me that beer.


3 thoughts on “Hooters (Boo Boo Kitty Fuck)

  1. In my experience, nothing makes a woman happier than being referred to as Boo Boo Kitty Fuck 🙂 Even those in ‘pre-law’ haha

    • This is totally made up. It was a challenge thing on another blog I used to be on. Honestly, I would never talk to anyone in that way, just in the world inside my head. I often say bad things in that world.

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