I’d Rather be Cummin’ than Strokin’

I saw this slogan on a truck when I was in traffic a while ago. Again, I’m always left mystified with the ever-evolving intellect of the redneck.

While I didn’t get a good look at the two gentlemen inside the truck I have the following suspicions:

    • They probably hunt and kill deer
    • They are probably amazed at their thumbs
    • They love diesel fuel
    • Their wives are constantly breeding
    • They don’t like Blacks or Mexicans (unless the Mexicans are serving them food)

The American Redneck is a curious creature and one that I always rely on for a good laugh. I can only imagine what the conversation is like inside that truck cab. I bet it went something like this:

“Hey Skeeter.”
Driver“We gonna get some fried wolf knuckles for lunch?”
Passenger“Nah, I want some fried mayonnaise balls dipped in Ranch.”

Mr. Redneck, I would rather be cummin than stroking too. Thanks for being there for me man.I needed a laugh.

And everyone is worried about the economy; it’s the inbreeding that really matters


3 thoughts on “I’d Rather be Cummin’ than Strokin’

  1. My friend and I were driving through Missouri for a wedding when we pulled up next to a semi that had “Eatin ain’t Cheatin” proudly displayed on his window. We cringed, we laughed, then we flashed him. I guess dirty bumper stickers brought the redneck out of us.

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