My Fake Profile

So, I was thinking about adding a fake profile in the hopes of beefing up my following and comments.

What do you think?

  My Fake Profile:

Name: Womb-broom1975

Likes: Tanning, lotions, sit-ups, women who throw up after they eat, waxing my balls, Filipino boys, salad tossing

Dislikes: Candy, women who speak before being spoken to, boys who don’t like playing naked Twister,  carbs

Contact: Email me, I’m ready to chat

Favorite Sexual Position: Reverse Cowboy

P.S.– While I obviously spend a lot of time in the gym working out, don’t automatically think I’m unintelligent.  I’m a great speller too.  That’s right, total package:)


5 thoughts on “My Fake Profile

  1. Dude in that pic’s arm is bigger than his head! Is that humanly possible? It just seems so…wrong…

    Somehow I don’t think this fake profile is going to do you any favors. The whole naked Twister with boys thing is a bit creepy and of course women won’t like the not being able to talk. Though, I do imagine you might get more readership from gay men who like buff dudes.

    Speaking of which, I’ve got a pile of laundry I could do on that guy’s abs…as long as he doesn’t speak before he’s spoken to.

  2. @holly: this profile is for a very wide ranging, sexually deviant subcultures. And humor of course. I’m really very normal and have only played naked Twister once, with people of age.

    @james: I thought about trying to copyright “wombbroom” and “snot-cock.” I’m sure someone will steal it if I don’t.

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