DUH’America; A Culture Lost

“All humans are out of their fucking minds- every single one of them.” Albert Ellis

That quote is probably one of my favorites ever.  Only a few words; but so perfectly astute, so perfectly transcendent of time, so right on the fucking money.

Just take a look around the world we live in and think about how true that quote is.

Poverty & War: We have millions of children in our country who don’t know where their next meal is coming from, yet we spend trillions of dollars fighting wars against people who don’t want us near them.

Apparently, bombing dark-skinned people half way across the world is more important than feeding our own needy, innocent children here at home.

Sorry little Jimmy, no oatmeal for you, we have to bomb some dudes riding camels in the desert.

Education: We have a continually floundering education system that would rather cut music and theater programs to save money, but never think to cut any sports programs.

Sorry little Jenny with perfect pitch and a voice like Renee Fleming, touchdowns and slam-dunks are more important than the Arts.

Entertainment: People spend more time keeping up with the Kardashians, watching the Bachelor and watching Survivor than they do turning the pages of a book.

Religion: People still believe stories from a book that was written thousands of years ago and believe that a dude in the sky created this planet and the humans who inhabit it.

Women: Millions of women starve themselves, inject botulism into their faces, bleach their assholes and fill their titties with silicone in the hopes that they can attract a man who overdoses on P90-X, plucks his eyebrows and can provide a country club life of Louis Vuitton purses and big, fat diamonds.

Politicians so drunk for power try to decide which types of people should be allowed to marry.

Yes Mr. Ellis, you were correct.  People are fucking crazy and our current culture is a perfect example.


9 thoughts on “DUH’America; A Culture Lost

  1. So true. But you know, football makes money for the schools, so it makes sense to spend money on football crap even though the art class can’t even afford more than one page of clean white paper for each art student. Don’t mess up!

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