Evolution and the Great White Ape

(If you don’t appreciate or understand “tongue-in-cheek”, please turn away now.)

When I was about 13 and watching an episode of “What’s Happening,” my father once said, “If I am to believe in evolution, then I believe I evolved from the great white ape.”

Fortunately, I was a bright young lad at the time and I didn’t let that comment influence my thoughts on science or race relations.

I was able to rely on my own independent thought. Since that day though, I have always been intrigued by evolution and even more intrigued with people who claim it is not real, my father included.

I just can’t understand that there are people who don’t believe in evolution. IT IS A SCIENTIFIC FACT!!!!!!!!! Kind of like GRAVITY, it’s real. Believe it skeptics, evolution is indeed real.

But, skeptics may say, “Where is the missing link to support the theory of evolution.”

Are you kidding me, to find the missing link, one must look no further than ex-NBA great Patrick Ewing. Need I say more?

Why again is the theory of evolution even arguable? IT IS REAL!!!! Good lord, just look at the evidence.

It seems simple to me. Next thing you know, people will say that dinosaurs weren’t real…….. Oops, I just remembered people have been saying that for some time now.

(Important Notes: my father is extremely homophobic, fairly racist and loves Fox News.  I love him, but he’s misguided.  Also, when I was a kid, he listened to Wham and Culture Club and had no idea they were gay.  Please remember, I am not a racist.  I make fun of all people equally, just read my other posts if you don’t believe me..)


2 thoughts on “Evolution and the Great White Ape

  1. I think you’re missing the finer points of discussion – evolution, in the “once there was an ape and it changed into a man”, sense is ridiculous. Why did apes stay apes, but some of them changed into people?

    The broader point of evolution, the “obvious” part that you’re referring to, usually isn’t that big a deal, even to the most devout Christians. The Jewish have some problems with it because they think the earth is only 5,000-6,000 years old, but that’s another topic in and of itself.

    This isn’t unlike global warming. Those who are for using that as a weapon to reduce America to a pile of rubble love to say it’s settled science when it’s nothing near settled. Yes, we went through a warming trend and that followed a cooling trend (in the 1970’s when they told us we were going to die from global cooling), but it’s also a part of the consensus that the globe hasn’t “warmed” in over 15 years – how does that fit in? It doesn’t, so they slide it under the rug.

    Evolution, global cooling and global warming are all “science” to a degree, but that science was hijacked and bastardized by politicians long ago. That’s my two cents at least.

    • While I’m an atheist and believer in evolution, this post wasn’t meant to showcase any of the finer points of those debates. I was simply having some fun. My dad really said those things.

      For me, I believe in science more than any type of bible or religion to explain the universe and why I’m here today. I think where I differ from people on both sides of the aisle is that I am very aware and cognizant that my beliefs could be correct or could be wrong. Kind of like how most people today will laugh at how ancient people once believed the earth was flat.

      For all we know, we could be floating inside the Matrix and in 500 years people will be laughing at Darwin and Dawkins just like I laugh at people who believed in Zeus or God.

      Thanks for reading and commenting, I truly appreciate it. I welcome the conversation.

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