Stop the Whining (What I’m Thankful for)

If I hear one more person bitch and complain about having to work during the Thanksgiving holiday, I’m going to drive to the nearest bridge and jump.

Jump head-first away from the idiocy around me and into the giant expanse of wet solitude beneath.

To clarify; no, I would never jump off a bridge because I’ve grown tired of the mouth-breathers complaining.

I really have difficulty understanding why people complain about working.

If you don’t like your job, your job duties, the company you work for or having to work during a holiday, then GET A NEW FUCKING JOB!!!!!!

What’s that you say?  The job market is tough, the economy is shitty, it’s not fair……….

Shut the hell up and be thankful you get a paycheck.  On a global scale, Americans are extremely well off.

I would like for you to voice your complaints to the following people and let me know how it works out:

  • Complain about your job to the millions of starving kids in Africa who drink their own piss for breakfast
  • Complain to all the innocent people in the Middle East who dodge bombs 24 hours a day
  • Complain to all refuges who risk their lives making boats out of rubber tires just to try and get one foot on our soil
  • Complain to all the homeless people right outside your door who eat your leftover pizza crust out of the trash can

Please stop the whining, you selfish fuckers.  If you work a shitty job, there’s a good chance it’s because you are a lazy ass.

Happy Fucking Thanksgiving. 

Instead of shoveling turkey down your throat, you might as well rape some Indians and spread some smallpox, that’s more realistic anyway.

This is America, you make all your own choices and decisions and you only have yourself to blame if you are unhappy.

Try to have some fucking perspective and exhibit some personal accountability.

And by the way, I’m thankful that I’m not you.



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