A Reincarnation (killing the sandy tongue)

I get bored easily and sometimes I’m attracted to shiny shit that makes loud noises.  Some people tell me that would indicate that my mind operates exactly like a four year-old child, but whatever.

I’ve been toying with the idea of renaming my blog and/or starting another one.  I’m not sure if renaming it is a possibility, but I may still try.  My writing style will be the same, I’m just kind of tired of “thesandytongue”.

Here are a few new names I’m exploring; let me know what you think:

Confessions of an Angry Man

A Constant Search for Clarity

God isn’t Real you Dumb-Fuck

I Would Have Hit Rhianna Too

Oprah is a Hack

Do you Powder Your Balls Too?

Rage Against the Kardashians


Let me know your favorites.  Let me know, on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the highest amount of measurable boredom, if you even give a shit.





8 thoughts on “A Reincarnation (killing the sandy tongue)

  1. You should be able to change it easily. One blog I follow changed her title 4 times. Title my favorite is Confessions of an Angry Man. My second is A Constant Search For Clarity. Now you know where I stand on faith (not preachy and not starting now) but I would have to say your title that God is not real is my least favorite. Keeping it real. Also, from reading your posts you cover a wide range of subjects. As a result my first choice would sum it up without labeling you. Your sarcasm and humor shine through regardless of topic. Good luck with the changes!

  2. A second attempt, as my internet connection suddenly failed me…

    If you are dead set against the rather admirable name your blog carries now, I would suggest either the first or last on your list of alternatives. Though, I would lean more toward the former than the latter. It seems I too cannot follow your simple instructions.

    Kind regards,

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