My Future World

When I was a child I enjoyed watching the Jetsons.  I always dreamed that there would be flying cars like on the show.

To my disappointment,  that hasn’t happened yet and I’m already in my future world.

Then after the Jetsons, I was a fan of the Back to the Future movies.  I’m still waiting for hovering skate boards to be invented.

To my disappointment, that hasn’t happened either and I’m still in my future world.

So, in the interest of reality, I have stopped dreaming of flying cars and hovering skateboards.  I’m tired of being disappointed about what’s not going to be in my future world.

Instead, I now choose to look at my next future world with more realistic expectations.  My childhood imagination has been replaced with a much less grandiose view of what may come my way.

I think our future world will be more like the movie Minority Report.  There will be adverts floating in the air in front of your eyes as you pass by places of business. 

When you walk into a store, a scanner will know all of your past purchases and suggest new items for you to consume.

There will be an abundance of “virtual cafes” where you can strap into a chair and live out your fantasies with an exchange of currency.

Paper currency and credit cards will be replaced simply by a microchip that will fit invisibly inside your watch or jewelry.

Merchants will essentially “scan” you as you pass through their lines with the items you want.

Be careful with that one, some loons say that will be the mark of the beast.  Yeah, whatever.

Some of those things scare me though.  Not because I don’t think it would be cool, but because I’m scared that most humans are devoid generating a rational thought process.

Most humans are so incapable of thinking that we will probably still be arguing about gay people getting married and whether or not a woman can have an abortion 100 years from now.

Humans will continue believe that there is a magician in the sky who created the universe.

Maybe I should dial my future world optimism back a bit.  Maybe I should keep wishing for that hover skate board and call it a day.


2 thoughts on “My Future World

  1. A friend from my school patented a programmed chip that was designed for hoverboards. His chip was purchased off him 4 years after school. Still no word… at least he designed it to be fail safe.

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