Tired Facebook Posts (explaining the obvious)

I have a personal Facebook account to communicate with my friends and families, a world I like to keep separate from my blogging world.

Maybe I’m the only one who notices this, but damn there are some idiotic posts that spread around asking for you to “Like” them.

For example: 

*Cancer is a bad and terrible disease (with a picture of a small child taking chemo).  Click “like” if you like this.  Are you fucking kidding me?  Of course cancer sucks and who in the world wouldn’t agree with that?

*Beating a woman is bad (picture of a young woman with a morbidly black, swollen eye).  Click “like” if you like this.  I’m scared on this one.  If I click “like”, does that mean I like that abusing women is bad or that I like her black eye?  Slippery slope there.

*The Sun is hot.  Click “like” if you like this.

*Priests ass-raping little boys is terrible.  Click “like” if you like this.  Another slippery slope here.  Erase your internet history before liking that one.

Will you eat at Chick Fil A now that the owner has publicly stated that he supports the Bible’s definition of marriage?  If you support that, then you are just a dumb ass.  Hey Bible thumpers, shouldn’t you be refraining from eating fast food?  Wouldn’t want you to become gluttonous.

Hey Facebook idiots, how about let’s stop trying to explain the obvious and start using some common sense.  For the sake of all humanity.


2 thoughts on “Tired Facebook Posts (explaining the obvious)

  1. Click “like” if you think this person is beautiful. (picture of kid with rare disease , no hair and skin that resembles burnt pizza cheese. )

    It’s like come on, the person is obviously not asthetically pleasing to look at and maybe the person has personality that makes them “beautiful” …….well I don’t fucking know the person…. For all I know the person is an asshole. Now I’m “liking” an ugly asshole.

    Do I want anyone to be sick? Absolutely not. Am I goin to “like” someone for the sole reason that they are sick and some house ridden computer nerd gets their “jollies” off on trying to accumulate “likes” on Facebook and will go to any sick extent to do it. No way.

    Plus at the end of the day anyone who is making or clicking “like” is just implying that the person isn’t beautiful enough to begin with. I mean you don’t see links of Ferraris’ saying “Like if you think this is a nice car”.

  2. I use to link them to the facebook app of cancer supports of somekind saying “maybe the support of the actual support center would provide a better coverage”

    Than they come rushing in, groups of 30 a day being posted. I had to unfollow and unfriend many from the aggressive posting.

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