I Approve this Message

“When we blindly adopt a religion, a political system, a literary dogma, we become automatons. We cease to grow.” Anais Nin

(So tired of the political adverts already, so nauseating)

I’m the Sandy Tongue and I approve this message…

Hey Duh’America, guess what???  Romney and Obama don’t represent you and you are kidding yourselves if you think otherwise.

Well, maybe they do represent you if you went to Harvard, never worked a real job and can’t figure out what color you are.  And maybe they do represent you if you have never had to drive your own car or never had to clean your own house.

Hey Duh’America, don’t you get it by now???  All politicians are full of shit and really only care about lining their own pockets with money.

Go ahead, continue thinking that one party is better than the other, that one party is to blame for all societal ills, continue thinking that way.

Continue listening to Fox News, continue “keeping” up with the Kardashians, continue to wonder with bachelor gets the last rose.

Continue believing in a God that is so ridiculous to believe in and bowing to fairytale religions.

Continue sleepwalking through your life like the mindless sheep you have become.

America is the biggest marketing experiment on the planet and the experiment has failed miserably.  The only problem is that the majority of Americans don’t realize it.

Why is that?  Because it’s too easy sit on the couch, watch “reality” television and try to keep up with your neighbors.

Hey Duh’America, put down the remote and read a book once in a while.  But not Fifty Shades of Lame, try a book that actually teaches you something.

I’m the Sandy Tongue, and I approve this message.


3 thoughts on “I Approve this Message

  1. I think what’s most frustrating about our continued belief in empty societal constructs, is the refusal to recognize just how divisive they are. Most of them, in some way, talk about inclusion, improvement, and a way to find solidarity, but at their core they are exclusive and prejudicial. Psychologically, it’s not hard to understand why people put so much emphasis on these various groups; in essence it’s a sense of belonging and self-identification, that I think makes aligning oneself with a group appealing. But idealistically, you’d like to believe that, particularly with so much history to observe, showing us just how counterproductive and…wrong, these groups have consistently been, that we’d be able to wake up and detach ourselves from this need. Or, at a miminum, recognize just how unnecessary these groups are. But, as your post sucinctly states, that’s not the case, and it’s a large reason why, I think, there is so much division throughout the country and the world presently.

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