What is Happening to my Blog??????

I’ve been out of town working and haven’t spent much time on my blog for about a week now.

So, when I checked my stats the other day, I was shocked to see that my activity recently has nearly quadrupled.

What’s odd about this to me is that a couple of my posts are getting nearly all the hits:

Michael Jackson Touched Little Boys

John Travolta and the Creepy Van

These two posts are getting a ton of hits, but no one is commenting or leaving any feedback.  That makes me wonder…….

Either several people actually enjoy the posts or Michael Jackson and John Travolta’s “people” are building a case against me.  I guess I shouldn’t worry about it, but it does make me curious.


2 thoughts on “What is Happening to my Blog??????

  1. Or some really creepy pedo types came to read because of the title of the posts. Sometimes I’m totally weirded out by the search terms used that brought people to my blog.

  2. I wonder. My blog posts have more than doubled in the last three weeks. I am now receiving most of my hits from search engine requests. Maybe somehow WordPress blogs have been moved up in the search Engine optimization on Google.

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