I was working in Miami the past few days and I witnessed some incredible cultural phenomenon.

The Miami Heat were playing for the NBA championship and everyone, I mean everyone, in Miami had a gigantic hard on…………even the women for this event.

I was eating dinner at my hotel bar and casually watching the game.  A huge crowd gathered as the Heat began to destroy Oklahoma.

I was amazed at how so many people were transfixed on watching a sporting event.

These people were living and breathing every dribble, every shot and every move the Heat made.  There were cheers, boos, laughter almost every minute.

And then I thought to myself, HOLY SHIT, these people are ridiculously excited about dudes throwing a round ball into a basket.  Yep, I’m breaking it down to a base level that everyone should think about. 

I couldn’t help but imagine a few different scenarios:

*What if people cared as much about education as they do about a slam-dunk?

*What if people cared as much about feeding needy children as they do about Lebron James getting a championship ring?

*What if people cared as much about paying their bills as they do about spending $100 to buy a Dwayne Wade jersey?

*What if people cared as much about broadening their intellectual horizons as they do about watching sports?

Look, I love certain sports, but I treat them like entertainment only.  That’s because sports is strictly entertainment.

It saddens me that more children want to be the next Lebron James instead of the next Galileo.

But then again, who really cares anyway?  China has already won.


2 thoughts on “Imagine

  1. You’ve got a great point. Playing devil’s advocate, however, in our increasingly fractured society, sports fandom is at least a community that transcends race, age, gender, political affiliation, sexual orientation…

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