Pit Bull Attacks a 3 year-old in Florida

In a couple earlier posts, I commented pointedly about dumb-ass pit bull owners and ruffled a few feathers:

Pit Bulls, White Trash & Ghetto Fabulous A-holes

and another one:

Mad, Dumb-Ass Pit Bull Defender (Hilarious)

A recent story near my home town, just proves my theories about dumb-ass pit bull owners who have no business owning any kind of dog, especially a potentially dangerous breed.

A 3 year-old is at a hospital in serious condition after being bitten by a pit bull mix.  According to the dog’s owner, the little girl fell on the dog’s back and that’s why the pit bull mix bit her.

What an idiot, a 3 year-old should know better than to accidentally fall on a dog, silly little fucker. (sarcasm)

You know, I once fell on a Golden Retriever and guess what????  He licked me in the face.

Check this out, this video will make all decent dog owners cringe and shit their pants at the same time: OWNER SAYS PIT BULL ATTACK WAS AN ACCIDENT

Please tell me you clicked the video link and listened to the ghetto fabulous assholes talking about the attack.  Well done America, China just won again.

Again, for all you people who love pit bulls, I’ve never said all pit bulls are bad, they just all have the potential to be bad.  Especially when dumb-asses are allowed to own them.

After reading this story and watching the video, go ahead and tell me that the owner of the pit bull mix should be allowed to have any pets.  Go ahead pit bull defenders, if this was a Jack Russell Terrier, I’m thinking the girl wouldn’t be in the hospital.

BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, keep on arguing.


8 thoughts on “Pit Bull Attacks a 3 year-old in Florida

  1. That photograph is so disturbing but also explains why some pitbulls follow their bloodline and become vicious. Not all do, but dumbass owners encourage it. When I was in New Mexico, one of the biggest Pit Bull defenders (did charities for PBs, defended them in the legislature, etc) got killed by one of his own dogs. Bad day for PB defenders. I personally think that the breed shouldn’t be held liable for stupid owners. Men who own and train Pit Bulls for anything other than being submissive and excellent pets are obviously compensating.
    When I owned cocker spaniels, the USPS had a report stating that the most USPS workers that were bit by cocker spaniels–top of the list. And now, the most common dogs to bite are Chihuahuas and Weinerdogs. . . true. But they won’t tear the flesh off your face or crush your arm or leg in one bite.
    Sigh. Why do we keep torturing, abusing, and mistreating (and mistraining) the animal that has the most capacity for loving us?

    • Thanks for your comments, I appreciate it. One of my biggest problems with pit bull defenders is when they bring up the fact that more small dogs bite people than pit bulls. Well, I understand that, but I don’t think a Weiner dog or a cocker spaniel has ever killed a person. It really is a common sense thing.

      I personally like pit bulls very much and feel bad for the breed, but it doesn’t erase the fact that they can easily kill or maim someone at any second. People are to blame for this.

      • Me too. It’s ALWAYS the person’s fault (either through breeding or training). I seriously think that Michael Vick should have been thrown to his own dogs . . .

      • Me too. It’s ALWAYS the person’s fault (either through breeding or training). I think that Michael Vick should have been thrown to his own dogs . . .
        Oh, did I really say that out loud

  2. This actually scares me, I owned a pit bull (i didn’t know she was a pit bull when we got her, they told us she was a boxer) we had four tiny kids, and I had no clue how to raise a pit bull, I would have been one of those stupid owners… I have to admit, I was a little scared of her. I put her outside and knew that, that was no way to live and felt sorry for her. We gave her to a good family who loved dogs. She was full of energy and way to much for me, I was way out of my league. I am a HUGE animal lover…. but I was way out of my league on this one.

    Still not one of my proudest moments…. I am actually ashamed I wasn’t more responsible. She deserved better.

    • you dumb ass. why would you be scared of your own dog. my pitbulls head is bigger than your dog and he could lick a newborn babys face without the thought of attacking anyone. if you raise your dog with common sense, dumb shit doesnt happen

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