Defining Genius; the Lil’ Wayne Syndrome

Lil Wayne is a genius, and not simply because he spends seven days a week in the studio, recording some of the most lyrically intricate, metaphor-laced verses in the history of the rap game off the top of his head, no pen, no pad.” By Brooklyne Gipson of the blog OCWeekly

I always enjoy jumping into the psyche of American pop culture and nothing intrigues me more than people referring to rappers as geniuses.

Let’s examine the genius of Lil’ Wayne just at a base level.

I’m not going to analyze too deeply here, but rather, I will provide a few lines from some of his, as Brooklyne Gipson would say, “lyrically intricate verses.”

1. From the song “Fuck the World” on his 1999 album “Tha Block is Hot” (I can already feel the genius dripping form the titles.)

“A young nigga screaming fuck the world and let ‘em die.  Behind tints, tryna’ duck the world and smoking rie.  Got my bandanna ‘round my head and pants to my feet.  And got my eyes fire red and glock on my seat.” 

Wow, if only William Shakespeare could have been such a genius.  Our boy Lil’ amazingly fit in an amazing amount of negative African-American stereotypes into one verse.  Well done young man.

You see, white kids do it too.

2. From the song “Dick Pleaser” on his 2008 album “Dedication 3.”  Again, such captivating titles.

“I gotta bith name Keisha she a real dick pleasa.  But shawty from cuba still workin on her visa.  Her girlfriend Lisa met her in porta rica.  How she don’t suck dick but expect for me to eat her?  That hoe crazy man and you don’t wanna meet her.  But her home girl Nita swallow cum by the liter.”

Sorry, but no commentary is really necessary after that pure genius spit out by Lil’.

I will leave you with one more intellectual gem.

From the song “Abortion” on his 2011 album “Tha Carter IV”.

“I woke up this morning, dick rock hard.  Ashed my blunt in my Grammy Award.  You can save your bullshit on your memory card.  If this real nigga business, then you niggas unemployed. 

In a world full of ass-kissers and dick pullers.  I’m tryna walk a straight line but the line crooked.  I’m shooting for the stars, astronauts dodge bullets.”


Step aside Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein,  Leonardo Da Vinci, Sir Isaac Newton, etc., Lil’ Wayne is rapping about getting his genius dick sucked by whores, dumping weed ashes in his Grammy Award and wearing his pants below his ass.

And for those of you keeping score, Lil’ Wayne is reportedly worth around $95 million.

I truly hope the Mayans were right, because I’m ready for the apocalypse.  If it doesn’t happen, China will surely win.  Do you need any more evidence????

Hey Brooklyne Gipson; thanks for continuing to distort reality to the ever pandering lost souls of America.

If Lil’ Wayne is a genius, then my dick is 10 feet long.

“But the fact that some geniuses were laughed at does not imply that all who are laughed at are geniuses. They laughed at Columbus, they laughed at Fulton, they laughed at the Wright Brothers. But they also laughed at Bozo the Clown.” Carl Sagan


8 thoughts on “Defining Genius; the Lil’ Wayne Syndrome

  1. Dude, I can’t believe your dick is really 10 feet long! 🙂
    American culture has become a dirty toilet it seems. If he’s such a genius he would have spelled ‘little’ right….or perhaps skipped the face tattoos….

  2. I do believe there are rappers out there who write amazing lyrics, like Dre, Eminem, Tupac and Tech N9ne… but Lil’ Wayne isn’t exactly one of them.

  3. Love this one… I gotta tell you though, China ain’t gonna win any race. I live here… and when I leave here… I’ll write a big, long post telling you why 🙂

  4. Lil Wayne
    (Verse 3)
    I got shot when I was 12,
    Lost my pop when I was 14
    Shot again at 20
    Will I shake these old dreams?
    We already have the holy water on my face
    And 3 blood drops dried on the side of my eyes
    Why we gotta kill our own kind when we rise?
    Got me looking down the ladder now when I climb
    Pulling up on my nephews
    And they don’t wanna drive
    They wanna learn how to work the tool
    And who am I not to do the duty?
    And just think, if pops advice get sent through black ink
    And that stinks, but homie that’s real
    And in the hood even steaks smell bad on the grill
    I remember when if you was a hustler, you was a winner
    Now that’s like raking up leaves in the winter
    And that ain’t even cool, to miss a few summers
    I’ll take a bite out the onion like
    Fuck it!
    (I,I,I, don’t want you to see me cry)
    And wont cry)

  5. In regard to the song “Fuck the World”, if you listen to the song in its entirety, you will see that Wayne is lamenting about the trials and tribulations he must deal with at a young age. For example, in that same song, you have this:
    Plus, my niggas keep falling to them drugs and stuff
    That dope got these niggas melting away
    Man they got clowns right around me, killing they self everyday
    We keep fighting but they so strong
    I know it’s hard but don’t give up baby hold on
    Just keep ya fate, count blessings, and wodie keep ya trust
    And grab ya nuts and let ’em know that we don’t give a fuck
    We don’t give a fuck

    Moreover, he has plenty of song that deal with emotional topics such as: Georgia Bush, Don’t Want You To See Me Cry, Pray to The Lord, Amen, Get Over, Up To Me, Everything, Something Yo Forgot, How Can Something, Hey America, Grown Man (Lights Out version), Miss My Dawgs, Hollywood Divorce, Ghetto Rich, Sweetest Girl, After Disaster, etc.

    • Are you really trying to say that he is a genius? None of his lyrics depict any shred of evidence that he should ever be considered a genius. You can try to defend him all you want, he’s a rapper, he’s an entertainer, nothing more.

  6. And in 10 years, when he’s forgotten, we’ll see him on some F-list reality show where his wife tells him what he can have for diinner every day and his kids roll their eyes at him. This is nothing but an attempt at shock value. Sadly, it makes people millions. Rich? Yes. Genius? Hardly. Great post.

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