Hey Al Sharpton…..

Hey Al, I’m white and that means you hate me already so, I might as well be a
big giant dick.  But please keep in mind that I’m a big giant dick who
has some fucking common sense.

Remember Tawana Brawley, OOPS.   Remember the Duke Lacrosse team,

Hey Al, stop jumping on the racism bandwagon every time a white
person farts in a black person’s general direction (Monty Python

Hey Al, guess what, black kids kill black kids every day in America.
Where are you when that happens?  I guess black on black killing
doesn’t get you near as much attention to inflate your ego.

Hey Al, George Zimmerman isn’t even a full white guy, he’s half
Hispanic and he didn’t kill Trayvon Martin because Martin was black.

He killed Martin because Zimmy is a wanna-be-bad-ass-cop who bit off a
little more than he could chew.

My theory; Zimmy thought he was going to teach Martin a lesson, then
Martin started dealing on him, Zimmy got scared and BOOM, BOOM, POW (a
Black Eyed Pees Reference with multiple layers).  

It wasn’t about color you dumb muther fucker, it was about ego and Zimmy trying to be
a tough guy.

Hey Al, have you ever been to Sanford, FL before this incident?

Well I have and it’s full of dumb ass rednecks, so don’t be surprised at
what happened.  Hell, most of Florida is filled with dumb ass rednecks.

Hey Al, why don’t you pay your taxes like the rest of us are supposed
to?  Let me guess, the whiteys are taxing you unfairly because you are

Hey Al, have you ever paid for any of your suits with your own money?

Hey Al, what does Jesse Jackson’s asshole taste like?

Hey Al, instead of organizing protests and marches against racism, why
don’t you organize a march for people to fill out job applications?

There are many things I would like to protest, but usually I’m working to pay
bills, raising my children, supporting my family and don’t have the

Hey Al, you are a black person’s worst enemy and you do it all in the
name of EGO, GREED and MONEY.

Stop teaching people to hire lawyers, boycott and protest and instead teach people to think.

FUCK YOU AL SHARPTON, the only thing I would support about you is if
you agreed to enter a Cage-Fight against Rush Limbaugh.

Two giant douche bags slapping each other until one taps out, I wouldn’t even
know who to route for.

Hey Al, one more thing, stop calling yourself a Reverend, that’s a fucking joke.


One thought on “Hey Al Sharpton…..

  1. Love the Monty Python reference. If Al had one to come back with it would probably be “Every sperm is sacred….just not white ones” 🙂
    This was a great post.

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