Only in America…..

Only in America… can millions of innocent children starve while our government spends billions bombing dark-skinned people half way around the world.

Only in America… can someone like Kim Kardashian become famous by sucking and fucking a rapper.

Only in America… can people kill other people for Air Jordan shoes.

Only in America… can people be trampled to death trying to get into WalMart to save $20 on a television before Christmas.

Only in America… can people believe in God and not believe in Evolution or the Big Bang.

Only in America… can people be paid millions of dollars to play a sport while teachers hover near the poverty level.

Only in America… can school children text, sext and navigate social media websites, but can’t find China on a map.

Only in America… is TMZ more popular than William Shakespeare.

Only in America… is Rosie O’Donnell allowed to try to be humorous.

Only in America… can the high school quarterback be famous while the Chemistry genius gets ridiculed.

Only in America… can people eat themselves into obesity and get a special handicapped parking pass.

Only in America… is Marijuana illegal, yet tobacco and alcohol continue to be glamorized.

Only in America… can Justin Beiber make millions and The Pixies had to do a reunion tour to make money.

Only in America… can I express my opinions without the fear of having my balls sliced off.

(I don’t hate America and I know that I am luckier than most people in the world.  I am just disgusted at how Americans chose to embrace their freedom, spend their money and neglect the things in life that really matter.)


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