Lazy, Selfish Blogger


Hello, my name is Bixby and I’m addicted to being a lazy, selfish blogger.

I feel I owe the WordPress blogging community a bit of an apology.  Don’t worry, I’m not in a 12 step program, I just fell a little bad.

Confession time; I’m a lazy, selfish blogger.  I love to write and post my stories on here and I love it even more when people enjoy what I write, comment and follow me.  It kind of makes me feel like the pretty girl said yes to me when I asked her to the dance.

But then, just as I should be replying to comments and reading the blogs of those who follow me, a sudden urge of “holy shit, I can’t move from the couch to get to my desktop to log in sets in with a vengeance.”  It pisses me off because I truly enjoy reading many of your blogs, I really do.   I owe a special apology to MRMARYMUTHAFUCKINGPOPPINS (A Spoonful of Suga) who took me under his brilliant blogging wing.  Forgive me, my brother.

Please forgive my addiction to couches, Mountain Dew, Cheetohs and TMZ.  Forgive me for sometimes being a typical, sedentary American who becomes lost in flashy gadgets and the bright lights of television.  I’m only human.

But, I pledge to you that I will begin to reverse the horrible virus that has infected me.  I will try to do better.  In my defense, I did start a new job a couple months ago and I’ve been working my ass off.  And I am a father, a husband and those responsibilities will always come first.

But damn, I wish I could write everyday and someone would pay me for it.  I think I’m fucking hilarious, but I’ve found my humor doesn’t always translate to the masses.

Thanks for listening.


4 thoughts on “Lazy, Selfish Blogger

  1. I hear you Sandy! I am home raising a toddler and have a small home-based business (both full time jobs that I am constantly trying to balance around each other), so I’m lucky if I find time to write, let alone read. I hate it because I am in awe of the unbelievable talent and creativity of the bloggers I try to follow, but it is so hard to keep up with their blogs. (and yes, you are hilarious!)

  2. @fiercely yours: thanks for stopping by, I appreciate it. I stopped racing years ago.

    @roger: thanks for reading and commenting, I appreciate it.

    @onlyspartanwomen: thanks for reading and commenting. Special thanks for thinking I’m hilarious. I also wish I had more time to read, write and comment. There is so much good on here.

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