Evolution of the Mind

A while ago I watched the show Curiosity: Did God Create the Universe on TLC. For me, it was fascinating and I found myself questioning humans even more than I ever have in regards to the evolution of the mind.

It made me think about how incredibly important it is for humans to continue to question everything around them.

For those of you who don’t believe in evolution, would you at least believe that humans have evolved intellectually throughout time?

Would you at least believe that as time moves forward, people become more intelligent as they become more technologically advanced? If you don’t believe that, please stop reading now.

Throughout History
Around 300 BC Greek Astronomer Aristarchus theorized that the earth was not the center of the universe as everyone during his time had believed and that the earth orbits the sun. He suggested that stars were other suns like ours, just very far away. Many, many years later, Galileo expanded this theory that the earth orbited the sun and became known as “the father of science.”

Vikings used to think that solar eclipses were caused by a god named Skoll. When the eclipses occurred, the vikings would yell into the sky to scare the eclipse away. They believed that their yelling actually made the Sun reappear. Now, obviously, we know today through scientific evolution that this was not the case.

People used to think the earth was flat. Well, I think it’s safe to say that we could all agree that the earth is not flat and if we were to sail to the edges of the ocean, we wouldn’t fall off and die.

These are just a few examples of how humans have evolved intellectually through time. Would you agree? Does that seem like a fair statement?

When it comes to religion, why is it that intellectual evolution seems non-existent? Why is everything “etched” in stone and unquestionable?

To me, this defeats the very purpose of humans becoming intellectually more advanced as time moves forward. Why doesn’t religion encourage an intellectual thought process? This is a concept that has always troubled me.

I am not necessarily suggesting that religion doesn’t allow people to question. I am suggesting that when someone does question a religious belief or doctrine, that person is encouraged to only look within the context of the Bible to find the answer.

Essentially, the Bible overrides any other outside explanations, especially science. That is very troubling to me. How can anyone advance intellectually within the context of a book written during ancient times?

Why Are We Correct?
Isn’t it a bit egotistical for anyone living today to think that their particular belief system is correct? Today, most of us laugh at what ancient people believed to be true. Today, most of us think that we are the intelligent ones. Whether you believe in God, whether you believe in Buddha, whether you believe in nothing at all, don’t you realize that one day we will be the ancient ones who are being laughed at?

This is why it is imperative that humans never stop questioning and never stop trying to learn about the universe we live in. We must never engage ourselves with organizations that encourage us not to question or not to think. We must continue to evolve intellectually or we will be doing a disservice to ourselves and to future generations.

I am not asking you to believe what I believe in. I am only asking you to look at yourself in the context of our gigantic universe. We are only one small speck on a landscape of enormous proportions. I am asking you to think beyond what you have already been taught.

I am asking you to set aside your ego for a moment and tell yourself that you may not be right. It’s ok. I really would like a productive discussion based on what I wrote above from people who hold varying beliefs.


One thought on “Evolution of the Mind

  1. “Essentially, the Bible overrides any other outside explanations, especially science. That is very troubling to me. How can anyone advance intellectually within the context of a book written during ancient times?”

    Not according to St. Augustine, Herodotus, and many others. That ‘fundamentalists’ view the bible or any other book as literal is, according to those I have mentioned – heretical. So, from my perspective your assertion is untrue. Certainly Augustine and Aquinas were intellectually advanced – no less than anyone today and no less questioning too.

    If fact, your assertion that evolutionary intellectual improvement occurs is likely correct – but not on the timescale since the authoring of the bible – Plato was no more or less capable – biologically speaking than Hawking is today. Hawking has better libraries…

    Kind regards,

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