Michael Jackson Touched Little Boys

WARNING: This is an opinion piece. That means that what you will read below is just MY OPINION.  I think Michael Jackson is still relevant because many of today’s entertainers continue to glorify him in their dress, their performance and overall style.

I once created a forum on another blogging site discussing my opinion that I believed Michael Jackson was a child molester.

In the forum, several people argued with me about my opinion. So, I posed this question to one of the dissenters; Would you let your child spend the night with Michael Jackson?

One person replied like this: “Sleeping with kids and touching kids are two different things. Opinion or not. And yes, I would let my child sleep in bed with Michael Jackson, and if my kid said he touched him or tried to touch him I would not let it happen again.”

I was honestly dumfounded when I read that statement. Sorry, but that’s bad parenting 101.

Well done dad of the year, your child will be fine as long as you only let him/her get molested once and then you stop it. Quite the hero. I truly hope that the answer above was just that person trying to argue his point and I hope he doesn’t really feel that way.

No matter who the person is, if someone is accused multiple times of child molestation a good parent should never let their children near that person. I guess some people change their parenting style when a celebrity with pet monkeys and a roller coaster in his backyard is involved.

HELP: Please someone, somebody tell me I’m not crazy here. I have four kids and I would never in a million years let them near anyone who has been accused of child molestation.

I don’t care if it can be proven or not. That’s not the point. But maybe I’m in the minority here, nothing would surprise me these days. Is there definitive proof that Jackson molested children? No there isn’t. But does that mean that people should have trusted him? Absolutely not.

I thought one of the most important aspects of being a parent is that you always do what you can to keep your children SAFE.

BEAT IT: I grew up on Jackson’s music and absolutely loved him, like most of America did. But things can change over time.

When he lost his gerry curl, lost his nose, turned white, started dancing with the elephant man’s bones and hanging out with Elizabeth Taylor, he became irrelevant to me. He became just another lunatic celebrity.

I do feel sorry for him with what he apparently went through as a child. No child should ever have to suffer. But he truly turned into a strange, strange person with obvious issues.

LOGIC: I think people should pull their heads from their asses and stop pandering to a dead celebrity. It’s interesting how so many people will toss good judgment out the window when it comes to defending a celebrity.

If I told you that your child’s best friend’s father was accused multiple times of molesting children, would you let your child spend the night at his house? ABSOLUTELY NOT. But when it’s Michael Jackson we are talking about, you would???

Wow, illogical on so many levels it makes my brain drizzle out of my ears.

LISTEN UP: It is never ok for grown men to sleep in the same bed with young children. Let me repeat; IT IS NEVER OK FOR GROWN MEN TO SLEEP IN THE SAME BED WITH YOUNG CHILDREN.

That’s my opinion. It’s also my opinion that Jackson was a child molester. Now, do I think that there is a possibility that some people lied in the pursuit of financial gain? That is absolutely possible.

But I still think he molested children. Now maybe I would feel differently if Jackson didn’t wear shin guards, veils and didn’t bleach himself white. Hey, don’t condemn me for saying what most people only think. Wake up America and stop letting your fascination for celebrity cloud your judgment in real life.


10 thoughts on “Michael Jackson Touched Little Boys

  1. I think it is normal for dads to sleep with their young’uns. Kids have bad dreams and want to sleep with mom and dad. Dads and tots cuddle and nap together. The older children get, the less this happens, as young children learn to become independent and rely on themselves. What I don’t think is normal is for grown men to want to cuddle and sleep with children who aren’t their own and/or aren’t related to them, and especially as the children get older. There is no family/love bond there. Why do it unless it is for questionable purposes?

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  3. do not agree at all this world is full of pedophiles!!! the way he lived his life was how it should be now a days you cant trust man around children he had gold heart r.i.p the one an only MJ ❤

  4. Complete Utter Nonsense! children are the only people MJ could trust! and if anybody noticed Michael always remained a child at heart!

    Everybody was out to exploit his kind nature and they did. MJ was about human love and I don’t blame him spending most of his time with children as they are innocent and not out to get anything from him, they’re kindness is authentic!!!

    There is no harm for a child to sleep in the same bed as an adult, what possible harm is there? If one has an objection to this then perhaps one should question their own thoughts.

    I’m fed up with this nonsense that the moment an adult shows any kind of love or kindness to a child they are a pedophile. Get Real!

    If any of these allegations were true, why did the parents settle out, I don’t think so…. any decent parent would of wanted proper Justice.

    The world has lost a beautiful person, I so wished I was there to help him!

  5. michelle hadsson is very creepy scary disqusting guy ok he had the most ugliest scariest nose nd face ever and he wasnt even a good singer he sounds like a cat getting dragged on the street …. anyways

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