Hilarious Email and My Response (FRAUD ALERT)

I received this email a while ago.  Holy crap, I didn’t think these were still going around.  Check out my response at the bottom in italics.  (I sure hope I get a response.)

With Due Respect to you Dear,

I am Barrister Betty Nicholet, a solicitor at law. I am making this contact to you in respect to the death my client, who was my client until death leaving some huge amount of money ( Eight Million Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars) in a bank. After unsuccessful attempts to locate there relations, I decided to contact you .

I, urge you to send me with your private e-mail address to enable me send you more details informations on the above matter. For more infomation, contact us via our chambers/office E-mail:(Attorney_Betty@yahoo.com)

Thanks for your prompt response.

Mrs. Felicia Mathias (Secretary).
For:Attorney Betty(ESQ).


Dearest Barrister Betty Nicholet,

First, I see by the signature at the bottom that your beautiful secretary Felicia has finally taken a man.  That’s too bad, I had such a wonderful time with that saucy minx last time we all met in Monaco.  Oh, good times.  Blow her a subtle kiss for me please and please tell her that she was correct, the penicillin did the trick.:)

I’m assuming that the client you speak of, who is now in a better place, must surely be Baron Annus Vondickinmouth.  I remember you writing a while ago and telling about that horrible virus he contracted while raping lady boys in Singapore.  How terrible, but he had amassed quite a fortune with his ball-gag company.  I always found his ball-gags most comfortable and the designer studded clasps were second to none.

As for the money, $8.5 million does sound like a treasure but like The Notorious B.I.G. once said, “mo money, mo problems,” I think I will have to pass this time.  I’m still trying to recover from that gerbil disaster in Thailand a few months ago.  Ouchie, ouchie.  Surely you understand.

Are you still coming to the Christmas Extravaganza this year at the Plaza?  Don’t forget that sexy gimp fellow you brought last year. 


Big Sexy


3 thoughts on “Hilarious Email and My Response (FRAUD ALERT)

  1. @flamidwyfe: I’m glad you like it and happy I can make you laugh. I’ve always wanted to go to China, because I think I would be bigger than most men, that would be fun.

    @holly: thanks for stopping by. Absolutely, use it any time you would like.

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