Atheism, Religion & Why We Could All Be Wrong

“I would never die for my beliefs because I might be wrong.” Bertrand Russell

I like to sometimes write about my opinions concerning atheism and religion because they are topics that are important to me personally. I am continually intrigued with the discussion of religion and how other people feel about it.

I also become somewhat frustrated and disappointed in how much arguing seems to transpire when this topic is discussed. I very much enjoy people commenting back and forth and discussing what they believe in. I appreciate people who are passionate about their beliefs.  But I never appreciate ego and arrogance.

I understand that religion is an incredibly polarizing topic, but I am always amazed at how nearly every person feels that their specific belief is the correct one. I think it’s important for all people to understand that whatever they believe in could be wrong or could be right. Why is that so hard to grasp?

What’s the Deal?

I guess I don’t quite understand why it is so important for religious people to constantly attempt to prove the existence of God to atheists. I do understand why they want to prove God, but you should realize that atheists aren’t going to believe you. I’m an atheist because I don’t believe that it is possible that any god exists. That’s my opinion.

I’m not a religious scholar and I’m not especially well read. I have a degree in Economics, but honestly, I’ve forgotten most of what I studied in college. So, when I give my opinion, it’s just my opinion on how I see the world as a regular man. I’m not angry at people who believe in God and I’m not angry at people who believe in Buddha, Krishna or any other thing they choose to believe in.

My Inspiration

I don’t write in an attempt to prove anyone wrong about what they believe, even if I think their beliefs are insane, ridiculous or well founded. That’s not my business. I write what I feel about life which comes from my personal experiences. I fully understand that what I believe in could be 100% incorrect. I have absolutely zero ego when it comes to my “non-belief” system.

But that’s what makes me different than a lot of people. Most people are terrified to even think they could be wrong. Most believers are terrified that they aren’t going to end up in heaven. Most people believe out of fear. Fear is the cornerstone of American religion. That fact is not even up for debate.

A few comment I’ve read in the past that make me scratch my head:

  • Honest Atheists, who take atheistic evolution to its logical conclusion, are forced to admit what atheist Dan Barker said: that, if need be, he would rape millions of girls to save the rest of humanity. After all, if we are nothing but advanced ape-like creatures, and “our male ancestors became ancestors in part because they conditionally used rape,” then, as evolutionist Randy Thornhill confessed, “rape is evolutionary, biological, and natural”
  • Atheism directly supports anarchy because it denies any absolute authority. Each man & woman is left to choose what seems best to them… this always devolves into anarchy.
  • Atheism in essence is a “donut hole” trying to be part of the “donut”. It is a shadow that lacks light; it is absent of their own terms and must borrow from the theistic paradigm and use words like morality, good, evil etc… to justify purpose for existence.
  • Good, evil and atheism are not compatible. When put together it is apocryphal.

Sorry, but those comments make me want to place my head in my ass and look for answers. I think maybe that some people are so blinded by their fervent belief system that they have no ability to reason logically when questioned.

It’s very difficult for me to understand how any person can follow a belief system that was written thousands of years ago. To me, the Bible is just a collection of stories handed down over time. Kind of like the telephone game. That’s my opinion. My opinion.”


Is it so hard for you to just say “My beliefs could be wrong?” No matter what you believe in or don’t believe in, you should be prepared that you could be wrong.

I know it’s so difficult for most people to even entertain that idea, but you have to. I ask you to stop being scared of the unknown. I ask you to stop thinking that what you believe is the only way. I ask you to open your mind enough to understand that we could all be wrong one day. I ask you to use more common sense and less blind faith. I ask you to stop floating through life thinking that you are better than everyone else. Is that so hard?

“I’m a polyatheist- there are many gods I don’t believe in.” Dan Fouts


4 thoughts on “Atheism, Religion & Why We Could All Be Wrong

  1. By GOLLY! THE BRAIN WAVE. Truth is defined by those that NEED to prove SOMETHING. In this I see someone who is consistently removing the “BUH-WITS” from barely operable weaponry. Very nice.

    “D” /om

  2. I’m not sure that people are terrified of being wrong. I know a ton of people who simply dont think they’re wrong whether it’s about religion or economics or which side of the toilet roll should be installed up. I’m a Christian and enjoy it when the Latter Day Saints or Jehovah witnesses come to my door. It leads to interesting discussions.
    You say you don’t believe in a god…and others could be wrong. Then there’s those who do believe in God and argue about who is wrong in their beliefs. Ironic , don’t you think?
    Could they be wrong? They don’t think so. Could I be wrong…. Oh absolutely not. (snort)

    Is it wrong to try to force my beliefs down your throat.? You betcha. But then…I may be wrong.

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