SHOCKER- Religious Hypocrisy

So the other day, I made a rather harmless anti-religious comment on a post about Haitians changing from practicing voodoo to becoming Christians.  Well, at least I thought it was harmless.  Honestly, I didn’t even realize I was commenting on a pro-Christian blog.  In retrospect, I absolutely should have paid more attention.

Here is the comment I made, “Great, so they are switching from and incredibly unrealistic belief system to an equally incredibly unrealistic belief system. I guess whatever helps them sleep at night.”

Here are the responses from the Christians, my favorites are italicized (My responses are in BOLD):

“Yeah because the religion of atheism worked out so well for everyone…”

“What on earth are you doing, sandy tongue – commenting on this Patriotic, Christian Blog?

I don’t even want to contemplate what your name means, but I know what your comment means.”

“The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God.” Psalm 53:1

“Click on his icon Sage, his page says it all.”

“I’d rather not. His comment says it all. Icky.”

“EEEWWWwww ~!
Clicking on his name takes one places that decency does NOT want to go~!
sandytongue, some day you’ll have an experience that will knock you to your knees,,, and you’ll be damned fortunate to EVER get on your feet again~!,,, Reason is, because you’ll deny the reason you are on your knees in the first place~!,,, and no, this is NOT a threat in any manner or form, but a forewarning of what can come into your own purview~!”

“Wow, it appears I’ve wandered into a “spin-free” zone here. Please be good Christians and forgive me, you kind a have to:) I won’t bother any of you again.”

“You are welcome here. But please don’t insult our Christian faith. You are our guest. It’s just bad manners for a guest to gratuitously insult his hosts.”

“Actually no we don’t “have to” that is why people like you are so predictable. You assume all Christians are suppose to just bend-over and take your grief because just like others before you, you cherry pick portions of the bible that you think (using “think” as loosely as possible) allows you to get away with your crap.

Somewhere along the line ST you believe that your cutting edge, No, my friend cutting edge would be like going to a Muslim site talking junk and standing your ground, but just like those other cutting edge guys, the creators of South Park you don’t have the nerve. So you do what any other predator does, you attack a target that you think is the weakest and the easiest to kill, a target you assume wont fight back.

Buddy you are at the wrong site, no easy kills here just plenty of @$$ whuppings for predator atheist trolls.”

I’m confused with your hostility. I didn’t assume anything. I didn’t speak of the Bible, nor did I “cherry pick” it or anything else. I’ve never professed to be cutting edge in any way shape or form. I don’t watch South Park. Honestly, I didn’t even read the profile before I posted my comment. Next time I will, don’t worry. I’m not sure how Haitians switching from voodoo to Christianity will change their everyday circumstances.

I’m not a troll in any way, shape or form.
I did think that a huge element of Christianity was the principal of forgiveness, but I’m not overly educated so maybe I’m wrong.
I’m not trying to fight or argue with anyone.

I respect all individuals’ rights to believe in whatever they want. I don’t respect hatred, violence or aggression. I don’t name call and I don’t attack anyone. I’m not a mad atheist, nor have I ever been a mad Christian. But that’s just me. I really didn’t want to reply to your comments, but I felt compelled to.
Take care, I wish you all the best in your life.”

In Conclusion:

You know, judging by the comments, it appears that an atheist (me) is practicing better Christianity than the self-professed Christians above.  That’s pretty damn sad.  I can see where my comment would agitate believers, I get it.  But, should that elicit the above comments from people who follow a religion that is largely based on forgiveness?  You be the judge.  I think I took the high road here and I could have been much nastier, but I have self control.

I keep reading their comments and can’t help but laugh at their incredibly small minds.  I’m guessing people like this are probably satisfied when a religious person shoots an abortion doctor and are able to justify it being “God’s work.”  Or maybe not, I’m not really sure.

I absolutely respect that Americans are free to believe in whatever they want.  Whether that be a God, a unicorn or David Blaine as kind of the universe.  But, damn Christians, take a Xanax and relax a bit.  Oh yeah, I almost forgot……………..FORGIVE ME.  You actually do have to.


5 thoughts on “SHOCKER- Religious Hypocrisy

  1. POWER TO YOU SANDYTONGUE! Those were some nasty comments comin’ from them Christians, and I think you responded quite appropriately.

    “Clicking on his name takes one places that decency does NOT want to go~!” The use of the word “decency” here is quite ironic as his/her very own comment was hateful and something only an indecent person would wish upon another.

    I’m shocked and surprised that instead of bashing you nobody even tried to defend their faith. Oh wait, except for this, “…no easy kills here just plenty of @$$ whuppings for predator atheist trolls.”

    They’re not giving their religion a good name.

  2. @emily- thanks, yes a pretty vile bunch and I didn’t even make fun of that ark story with all the animals. I still can’t figure out how a lion didn’t eat Noah’s ass.

    @James- well I guess I am because I know the Baptists aren’t allowed

    @holly- they didn’t say anything else. I think maybe they were waiting for me to start a war. That’s not what I do. Life’s to short to argue with people.

    • Agreed. Besides trying to argue intelligently with most Christians about religion and especially their religion, is pointless anyway. You can’t argue facts & data against a belief system. Faith and fear of their “everlasting soul” burning in hell trumps realism any day. In their minds, at least.

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