Thanks Lady Gaga….for Nicki Minaj

Every time I turn on the radio or television, I am usually bombarded with various Pop Icons.  But, there are two Pop Princesses, (Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga) that I just don’t understand.  I went to YouTube to watch a video of Nicki Vagina, I mean Nicki Minaj and I am very, very, very confused.  What the hell is it?  I saw a huge ass, some fucked up hair and I think she was either rapping or twitching violently.


I think we’ve all been punked here.  Look at these idiots.  Have we really become this culturally deprived to think these people are talented?  Come on.  I do think Lady Gaga can at least play the piano, so I will give her a half percent of credit for possibly being able to read music.  But shit, chill with the fucked up outfits.  Just because you can dress yourself up with salted meats, doesn’t mean you are creative.  I have a half shirt and a pack of bologna, but I’m not going to wear it.


I hear people raving about how creative, how wonderful, how awesome Nicki Manage a Trois is and it drives me crazy.  She’s just a chick, with a huge ass, with a small waist, with colorful wigs, with insane outfits,with high heels who raps.  That’s it.  What’s creative about wearing stupid shit?

Our MTV culture is festering in enormous proportions.  It’s bleeding into the vacant minds of children everywhere.  Please someone, somebody, make children read a book once in a while.  Make them listen to some classical music, make them attempt to play a musical instrument so they understand how difficult it is to actually be talented.

It saddens me that most American children can repeat the lyrics of these idiot’s songs, but won’t be able to balance a check book when they turn 18.  Won’t be able to change a flat tire, won’t be able to do well on a job interview because they are to busy updating their Facebook status.

That’s right dumb-asses, China is winning.  Coming soon to a street corner near you; Fried Golden Retriever Nuggets and all the noodles you can eat.  Don’t be pissed when it happens, just understand why.

Thanks Lady Gaga.  Thanks for influencing and inspiring people to be like you.  Thanks a fucking lot.


5 thoughts on “Thanks Lady Gaga….for Nicki Minaj

  1. I think I’ve found the source of your angst.

    “Our MTV culture…..”

    You see, it’s not really ‘our’ culture at all. It’s something which is forced onto us. It’s corporate culture….. it’s anti culture…

    If the music biz (and the rest of the entertainment industry) wasn’t so heavily controlled by this cult of ‘culture creation’ then GaGa, Minaj etc would still be just small fish in a big and varied sea. The problem is not with these wannabe’s themselves. It’s the controlled nature of the industry which is at the root of the dumbing down of culture…….. and it’s the fault of the masses for letting the mass media/ music biz/ advertisers instruct them on what to listen to, buy, wear, worship and ‘be’.

    • Thanks for commenting, I truly appreciate it. I think the problem is that how do you define our culture? I think our culture can be defined by the popular masses. If more people clamor for these Pop Princesses than those who don’t, then they are the cultural majority. That means that people who realize it’s just commercialized shit are in the minority. Exactly why China is going to win one day:)

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