Carpe Diem My Ass

Seize the Day my ass.  Who really lives by that credo?  You? Me?  Not likely.  An even better one is “live today like there’s no tomorrow.”  Shut the fuck up.

I apologize for crushing your sense of idealistic wonderment and fantasy by shackling your feet with the binding restraints of reality.  Yep, reality.  A word best served to those of you who understand that tectonic plates cause earthquakes and not magicians hiding in the clouds.

Sadly, but true reality is often overlooked because of our info-mercial culture’s fascination with the Kardashians , TMZ and “Real” Housewives of whatever city the circus happened to film in.

I’m pretty sure Confucius or some other smart as hell Asian said, “Women with dogs in purses must have traded their souls to the wicked grand dragon of death.”  (note, I replaced Satan with dragon because of the Asian influence.)

I’ve tried to seize the day many times in my life, but the day after my attempt I was always reminded of bills, responsibility and having to live in the real fucking world.   So, for those of you who actually think that seizing the day is possible; WAKE THE FUCK UP.  The hippy movement already died and patchouli will never smell good.

That’s my soapbox moment for today.  I’m really actually a very happy person, don’t let my sarcasm, cynicism and general disdain for societal idiocy turn you away.

(And by the way, great picture right?  She seized the day alright, every time she puts her face in the pillow.)

Cheers bitches.


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