WWJS (what would Jesus say)in 2012

What would jesus say if he were kicking it in his sandals down the Sunset Strip in the year 2012?  I think he would say the following:

  • Damn those Kardashians are worthless, but I would love to smack Kim’s ass.
  • Marie Osmond is still doing commercials and pimping herself?  I guess Satan isn’t going to release her soul after all.
  • I’m going to call dad and have him change Sodom & Gomorrah in the bible to Jersey Shore & American Idol
  • I can’t wait to babysit Justin Beiber and dress him in crotchless lederhosen.
  • I wish I had some of this Gold Bond Medicated powder back in the day
  • Holy Shit!!! Mountain Dew has no trans-fat, relief
  • Dad had nothing to do with creating rednecks, nothing at all
  • Hey sheep, use some common sense, my dad isn’t real and neither am I, wake up

2 thoughts on “WWJS (what would Jesus say)in 2012

  1. It would be amusing to see what the Phelps clan would do if Jesus were to return and declare that God loves gay folks. Would we then see bright neon signs stating “God Hates Straights”?

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